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Scope and policy

The main objective of the Anuario Colombiano de Historia Social y de la Cultura is to disseminate research work in Colombian history; however, it welcomes comparative articles on Latin America and the world, as well as historiographic and theoretical analyses. The journal accepts only original unpublished articles; therefore, it does not accept translations, papers, or parts of works that have previously been published in any manner whatsoever.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Peer Review Process
In conformity with the standards established by Colciencias (Colombia), each article shall be reviewed by three competent evaluators, who shall have no less than two months to issue their opinion. The authors shall only be notified of the outcome of the evaluation when the reviewers have issued their opinion and the Editorial Committee has made a final decision regarding publication of the article, no more than two weeks later. Articles submitted for review should not be submitted concurrently for review by other journals. It is understood that upon submission of articles for their review and possible publication, the authors authorize the National University of Colombia to publish and reproduce their articles in printed or digital media that allow for public access to their contents.

General Guidelines for the Presentation of Manuscripts
The original and two copies of the manuscript should be submitted in Word format and typed on one side only of white, letter-size paper. Manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages, including footnotes and bibliography, which is equivalent to approximately 10,000 words or 50,000 characters without spaces. They should be double-spaced and use Times New Roman 12 point font. Additionally, electronic copies of the manuscript should be submitted on CD or DVD, with tables and figures in separate files.

Book reviews should not exceed 5 double-spaced pages, or approximately 2000 words. Reviews of books published over three years ago shall not be accepted.

Articles should include the following: title (in Spanish and English); subtitle; author or authors, together with their current institutional affiliation; abstract (not to exceed 100 words); keywords (no more than 6); body of the article; list of references; tables, together with the corresponding texts; and figures, along with their captions. Authors must submit the following personal information electronically: name, academic background, institutional affiliation, e-mail, street address, telephone and fax numbers, and a list of their publications during the preceding two years. Authors residing abroad may send their contributions to the journal’s e-mail addresses.

If the article is the result of a research project financed by an institution, the following information must be included: name of the project, institution, code, and date of approval. The journal accepts only original illustrations, not photocopies.

Digital photographs must have a resolution higher than 300 dpi. Tables and figures must be unpublished; otherwise, the author must obtain the corresponding authorization to reproduce them and cite the source in the caption.

Italics are used for emphasis and for foreign words. Boldface is reserved for the article’s titles and subtitles. Words should not be separated at the end of a line. Quotations longer than five lines should be indented with no quotation marks.

With respect to citations and references, the journal follows the Modern Language Association of America citation style regarding footnotes. See Joseph Gibaldi, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th ed. (New York: MLA, 2003), or In the body of the text, footnote numbers must be superscripted immediately after the word or punctuation mark, with no space. Some examples are provided below:

1 Luis Ospina Vásquez, Industria y protección en Colombia, 1810-1930 (Medellín: Oveja Negra, 1974) 447-48.

Chapters in a Book or Articles in a Compilation
2 José Olinto Rueda, “Historia de la población colombiana 1880-2000”, Nueva historia de Colombia, vol. 5, ed. Álvaro Tirado Mejía (Bogotá: Planeta, 1989) 331-32.

Articles in Journals
3 Alessandro Martinengo, “La cultura literaria de Juan Rodríguez Freile”, Thesaurus 19.2 (1964): 274-99 [Note: “19” corresponds to the volume, and “2”, to the issue number].

Articles in Newspapers
4 Jaime Yáñez, “Ragonvalia, en la frontera del olvido”, El Tiempo [Bogotá] 1 Feb. 1994: 5C.

5 Rogerio María Becerra, “Informe que presenta el Intendente Nacional del Putumayo al Excmo. Presidente de la República por conducto del señor Ministro de Gobierno”, Mocoa, 24 January 1906. AGN, Bogotá, S. República, F. Ministerio de Gobierno, t. 502, ff. 21v.-34r.

Subsequent References to the Same Work
6 Ospina 400.

If there is more than one work by the same author is cited, use an abbreviated form of the title:
7 Ospina, Industria 431.
8 Rueda, “Historia...” 340-41.
Note: In this system the abbreviations op. cit. and ibid. are not used.

Final List of References
Sources cited must be listed alphabetically at the end of the article under the title “References”. In this case, the reference format differs slightly from that of footnotes. Examples:

Becerra, Rogerio María. “Informe que presenta el Intendente Nacional del Putumayo al Excmo. Presidente de la República por conducto del señor Ministro de Gobierno”. Mocoa, 24 January 1906. AGN, Bogotá. S. República. F. Ministerio de Gobierno. T. 502, ff. 21v.-34r.

Martinengo, Alessandro. “La cultura literaria de Juan Rodríguez Freile”. Thesaurus 19.2 (1964): 274-99.

Ospina Vásquez, Luis. Industria y protección en Colombia, 1810-1930. Medellín: Oveja Negra, 1974.

Rueda, José Olinto. “Historia de la población colombiana 1880-2000”. Nueva historia de Colombia. Vol. 5. Ed. Álvaro Tirado Mejía. Bogotá: Planeta, 1989.

Yáñez, Jaime. “Ragonvalia, en la frontera del olvido”. El Tiempo [Bogotá] 1 Feb. 1994: 5C.

Sending of manuscripts

Address for Submission of Manuscripts
Anuario Colombiano de Historia Social y de la Cultura, Departamento de Historia,
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Cra. 30 No. 45-03, Edificio Manuel Ancízar,
Oficina 3064, Bogotá, Colombia.
Telephone Numbers: (57-1) 3165000, Extensions 16486 / 16477.
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