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Scope and policy

• Acta Médica Colombiana is an official publication of the Colombian Association of Internal Medicine that publishes collected articles related to the specialty, after previous approval by the Editorial Committee.

• Original Research Works, Editorials, Themes Review, Updating, Cases Presentation, Communications and Concepts, Education and Practice of internal medicine, Letters to the Editor, Images in internal medicine.

• All works arrive to Acta Médica Colombiana, and are sent to the Associated Editors and to the members of the Editorial Committee for individual assessment; after that they are sent for peers review and back to the authors for correction. Whenever there are disagreements about works related to a specific subject, these are sent to a third peer. The decision will be made by the Editorial Committee according to the recommendations made by the peers.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

• According to the Uniform Criteria of Vancouver published in Acta Med Colomb 1997; 22:199-211 and following the indications of the authors of Acta Médica Colombiana.


Los Editorials are written by the Editor or will be requested by him to a third person to be written based on one or more articles of the editions to be published, or on other specific themes.

Original Articles

The original articles are clinical and basic sciences research works, including the following sections: Title, abstract in Spanish and English, key words, objectives, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements and references. They are subject to peers review.

Theme Review

Only systematic reviews of the literature are accepted, and these are subject to peers review. Pharmacological Therapy is included in this category.

Current Events - Update

All works including a complete review of the recent advances in the field of internal medicine by the author, based on his experience and knowledge, are considered current events. The authors must follow the recommendations of the Editorial Committee Acta Med Colomb 1995;20: 61-63 and are subject to peers review.

Education and practice of Medicine
Communications and Concepts

Dedicated to Works that consider education aspects as well as the practice of medicine. Those are review articles, opinions or presentations, no more than ten pages long, and are not subject to peers review.

Cases Presentation

Describe one or more cases that the author deems of special interest. They include an abstract of no more than 150 words, detailed case description and discussion. Literature reviews are not accepted in this kind of works. They should not have more than 2500 words, five pictures and 10 bibliographic references. Subject to peers review.

Letters to the Editor

Those include brief comments of no more than 400 words and five references about any work published in Acta Medica Colombiana.

Images in Internal Medicine

A case with classic, appealing or unusual images is published about conditions or diseases seen by the internist physician and following the methodology described in the instructions given to the authors. They are subject to the opinion of the Images Committee of Acta Medica Colombiana.

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