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Basic Information

Acta Neurológica Colombiana -ISSN 0120-8748- is the quarterly official journal of the Asociación Colombiana de Neurología. Its purpose is to disseminate neurological knowledge. Manuscripts submitted for publication must be written in Spanish.

The abbreviated title of the journal is Acta. Neurol. Colomb., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, bibliographical references and strips.


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Authors renounce all control and publication rights to manuscripts, ceding such rights to the Acta Neurológica Colombiana , including publication on the Internet in magnetic form.
All rights included in the Acta Neurológica Colombiana are protected by copyright. In accordance with the law, reproduction of any part is prohibited in mechanical or electronic form, without the author's and editors' written permission.

The author is entirely responsibility for concepts which are published and the Acta Neurológica Colombiana assumes no responsibility whatsoever for them.

All authors have the right to an original (courtesy) copy of the journal.



The journal Acta Neurológica Colombiana is sponsored by:

The Asociación Colombiana de Neurología as the official journal of this association

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Asociación Colombiana de Neurología como publicación oficial de la Asociación.

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