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Taking into account that the results of the research produced by the Humboldt Institute must be disclosed in accordance with the criteria of basic normalization, visibility, availability and accessibility, in accordance with the Transparency Law (Law 1712 of 2014) and the provisions of the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Colciencias), the digital contents of Biota Colombiana are published under the principle of open access.

The submission of an article, by the authors, is understood as the acceptance of the declaration of open Access.

This implies that Biota Colombiana is available to any member of the public through free access on any platform and web or digital media, including the institutional repository, the website or any magazine management system. In this manner, the Humboldt Institute hopes to disseminate research results and increase the availability of research output with greater visibility.

The journal does not have APC Article Processing Charges, submission and editorial process of manuscript is free of charge for all authors

All subscriptions and changes of address should be sent to the address below.

The online SciELO version is prepared using a methodology developed by FAPESP/BIREME Project of Electronic Journals, and including the complete text of articles, is available for free.

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