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The journal Revista Bitácora Urbano does not have a subscription system by payment. It is acquired by means of exchanging or buying.


The acquisition by exchanging is done with about 40 universities, public or private educative institutions and Editorial Houses with similar publications or interested in holding a permanent interchange. The requests should be addressed to: Dirección de Bibliotecas, Grupo de Colecciones, Hemeroteca Nacional Universitaria Carlos Lleras Restrepo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Commutate number 3165000, ext.  20015. E-mail:

8.2. Buying:

The Journal can be bought in the Tienda de Artes, located in the First floor,  Building 303 in Bogota (Arquitectura y Diseño Industrial); in the Universidad Nacional Editorial bookstores, located in the Campus (Ciudad Universitaria), in Bogota (Carrera 30 N° 45-03, next to the Nursery Tower, in front of León de Greiff Auditorium), Plaza de las Nieves (Calle 20 Nº 7-15) and Claustro de San Agustín (Carrera 8 No 7-21); besides the bookstores regulated by Siglo del Hombre Editores. BITÁCORA can be acquired for internet in:, and

Free Journals: when the journal is published, it will be given to the authors -for each published work-, a free courtesy fascicle of the respective journal Bitácora Urbano-Territorial.

The online SciELO version of Revista Bitácora Urbano, prepared using a methodology developed by FAPESP/BIREME Project of Electronic Journals, and including the complete text of articles, is available for free.

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