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Scope and policy

Cuadernos de Administración's editorial and scientific quality, stability, visibility and  accessibility allows it to (i) publish the results of the most important research into theoretical and practical advances in administration, (ii) contribute towards regulating and raising the quality of ongoing research and (iii) broadcast such knowledge to the main academic centres and business organisations, especially in Colombia and Latin-America, thereby improving these countries academic and business development.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Sending an article to Cuadernos de Administración indicates that author certifies and can accept that:

(i)         It has not been published or accepted for publication in another journal.

(ii)        In the case of the publication of a prior version having been reported as a working paper (or 'grey literature') or on a website and in the case of having been accepted for publication in Cuadernos de Administración it will be withdrawn from the internet site web, leaving only the title, the summary, the key words and the hiperhyperlink to the journal.

(iii)       Once it has been published in Cuadernos de Administración it will not be published in any other journal.


Sending of manuscripts

Authors should submit an electronic version of their articles either on disk, CD-ROM or via electronic mail to

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