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Scope and policy

The Review CIVILIZAR Humanities and social sciences is an organization for the dissemination of science of the Sergio Arboleda University. It has a  biannual period (January to June and July to December) and publishes original articles submitted to an initial assessment in the form of blind peers in the fields of law, politics, economics and philosophy. It aims to facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge developed within the institution, universities and other national and international scientists, and the visibility and impact of incentives for research in Latin America, to continue to improve the editorial process and construction of networks, key in the dynamics of the process of scientific communication.

For the purposes of indexation of the publication, are received the following document types:

  1. Partial or final articles project for Advanced Research;

  2. Rule of thought is a document that presents the research results from one analysis, interpretation, or criticism of the author on a particular topic and,

  3. State of art, revision, defined as Colciencias writings tending to systematize and analyze the survey results published or unpublished, on a field of knowledge.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Authors should consider the following comments to submit their scientific articles:

  1. Any Applicant article for publication must be original and unpublished

  2. Article submitted to the journal Social Science and Humanities Civilizar should not be nominated for publication in other journals.

  3. It will be sent a letter demanding that originality must be signed by the authors (optional).

Arbitration Process: The magazine conducted a review process, decision or arbitration of articles submitted for publication taking into account the following:

  1. Each manuscript will be submitted to the process of academic peer review (experts), preferably in the double blind method.

  2. The process of review requires anonymity, at least for the examiners or assessors.

  3. The process of opinion or evaluation of articles is a preliminary assessment by the editorial and scientific committee in order to qualify the previous document in the form, content and compliance of the publication. Publish this element to be sent two pairs blind. Once approved the document may invite authors to make corrections or recommendations to be the case. The document must be returned with the changes to continue process.

    In case of dispute between assessors, the item will be sent to a third appraiser and the return to the editorial and scientific committee where the final decision of acceptance or rejection.

    Final acceptance will depend on the changes that advisers and scientific proposal writing to the author and the concept of peer evaluators. The editorial board of the Journal reserves the right to introduce formal changes necessary to adapt the text to the new disclosure rules.

    If is not approved the article in the preliminary assessment or peer assessment will be submitted blind to the authors of the decision with a brief explanation.

  4. The evaluator will give each pair format used for the opinion of the review Civilizar SHS to clarify and facilitate the assessment of the article.

The formal aspects and structure of the article: Items can not exceed 35 pages size, double spaced, with margins of 3 cm, font Times 12 and drafted rules for APA International (American Psychological Association).

The document must contain:

  1. Working title reflecting the main idea of the article

  2. Name of author (s) and the institution where the work took place.

  3. It must include the name of the research project and the financing entity.

  4. Summary of not more than 120 words, but on the content of the article and a translation in English (abstract). At the end of the summary in Spanish and bottom of the summary in English should be the keywords that do not exceed the number ten and they give an idea of the fundamental issues that are in the article. These words must be sorted in descending order of generality.

  5. The body of the article must contain:

    • Introduction: overview of the topic and the results obtained.

    • Problem and Method: approach to the problem of research and synthesis of the methodological approach; category or type of research processes, strategies and techniques to collect and analyze information.

    • Content: Presentation of research results.

    • Conclusions.

    • References.

  6. The graphs and tables : they are inserted in the text and properly numbered in the order of presentation and its corresponding title mentioning the source of it, with lines drawn for graphics.

  7. The articles must have various references. Review articles or statements of art, as Publindex Colciencias requirements-must contain a minimum of fifty references


  1. At the end of the article included a list in alphabetical order according to international standards (APA).

  2. Appointment of reference in the text, the method cited by the author (name, date of publication) helps readers find references at the end of the article.

    When the name is part of the text, it includes only the year of publication of the article in parentheses. When the name and date are part of the the text they are between parentheses.

  3. In the case of multiple authors should be cited, the first time.

    If there are only two author, both are at each citation.

    If the number of authors is higher than five, is cited the first and add et al. and year of publication.

  4. Remember to follow the the APP system. Consult

Will be returned to their original owners or not be considered for publishing articles that do not satisfy the previous rules.

Once published, the copyrights those of the editor who may authorize reproduction of the article.

Editor in Chief of the journal Civilizar Social Sciences and Humanities

Director of the journal Civilizar Social Sciences and Humanities

Sending of manuscripts

The receipt of the shipment must be sent to the office Civilizar (Calle 74 No 14 14 Block D, Floor 8 PBX: (571) 3257500 Bogotá DC - Colombia) and also on CD (Word version 6.0 and later) or sent via e-mail:

Once received the author will be informed in a time of six months. The withdrawal of a request in writing paper with a printed document with a copy to the editor of the magazine and was subsequently written response from the editor.

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