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Scope and policy

CES Medicine is for staff and administrative care health institutions, students and professors of Medicine and related areas, and in general all who have an interest in the issues of the journal. CES Medicine publishes manuscripts discriminated under the following headings: scientific or technological research, review articles, discussion paper, short article, case report, topic review, letters to the editor, editorial, translation, literature review and documents not derived from research. For publication in the journal CES Medicine, we accept papers in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

The manuscripts received undergo a selection process through peer review. In a first review, the editorial board determines whether the manuscript meets the general criteria. A second review examines the scientific value of the document and the usefulness of its publication, which is in charge of peer experts in the field and evaluates the manuscript independently. In a third review, based on the general criteria, the scientific value of the article, the usefulness of its publication, and the opinion of experts, the Editorial Board makes a decision that may be: denial, conditional acceptance or final acceptance. Upon conditional acceptance, the revised text undergoes a new review to verify that you have met the recommendations requested, and if so, is definitively accepted, otherwise rejected. At are the criteria we use for evaluation of manuscripts.


Method and Preparation of Texts

CES Medicine uses the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: writing and editing of biomedical publications" (updated to October 2007), available in issue volume 22 (2), 2008.

The full text of the manuscript, excluding abstract, tables, figures and references, not exceed 20 pages (including references), double-spaced in Microsoft Word. It should be used Times New Roman or Arial 12-point characters. All margins of 2.5 cm. Authors are asked to be careful and embrace the rules of spelling and grammar. Each article is accompanied by a structured abstract of 350 words divided into the following sections: a) Introduction b) Methods, c) Results and d) Conclusions.


Sending of manuscripts

Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts exclusively produced in Microsoft Word via the link CES Medicine acknowledged the manuscript received via email to the first author.  An author can inquire about the status of his manuscript in the same email address.

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