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Basic Information

Revista Criminalidad (Rev. Crim.) is a publication aimed at disclosing original investigation and research results as well as unpublished works offering significant contributions to the fields of criminology, criminality and related disciplines. Likewise, it exposes quantitative and qualitative analyses and information regarding crimes and infringements in the Colombian territory.

This journal is addressed to the national and international scientific-academic community carrying out studies relating to its thematic area. It is a publication of the Criminal Investigation Directorate and INTERPOL –DIJIN– of the National Police of Colombia, released three times a year in April, August, and December.

It was created in 1958 as an annual publication until 2007 when it became bi-annual. In 2013, it began to be published three times a year. It was assigned code ISSN in 2004 and the virtuaI ISSN in 2012, after which it was included in indexation and information systems.


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The article must be accompanied by the originality statement signed by the author or authors in the format prepared by Revista Criminalidad to be requested by electronic mail or downloaded from using the Pautas Autores link. En the event that a printed copy of the original manuscript is sent, the statement of originality must be attached in printed form to that copy, with the signature of the author or the authors.



The Criminality journal is financially supported by:

The Colombian national Police, Criminal investigation Directorate and INTERPOL

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