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Scope and policy

The Revista de Derecho is published every semester and its aim is disseminating national and international intellectual production resulting from research projects in the area of law and political science.

We will receive articles in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Articles follow selection process based on two criteria: the first deals with the type of article (according to Colciencias Publindex categories); the second refers to the verification of compliance with formal requirements. If the article does not correspond to any of the categories established by this journal or it does not meet the requirements of formal presentation, it will be returned to the author(s) who could submit it again to the editor after having met the requirements.

As this is a publication with arbitration pre-selected articles are submitted for peer evaluation who will then give an opinion. Once their concept is submitted, the editorial committee will decide which articles will be published in each edition.

The editorial committee will give preference to research, reflection and review articles (Types 1, 2 and 3 from Colciencias Publindex).


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Articles must be written on text processor, doubled-spaced (including references), one-sided with an extension no longer than 35 pages.

The correctly filled submission form must be attached to the electronic copy of the article which can be downloaded at the former link at the journal Web page:

The first page of the article must contain:

  • Heading with abbreviated title of the article in its original language and corresponding translation in English.
  • Title of article: no longer than 12 words
  • Full name of author(s)
  • Summary of titles and subtitles in Arial/Times 9
  • As a footnote of author(s) name:
    • Academic degrees and institution affiliation
    • Main address and e-mail address
  • As a footnote of the title of the article, the funding source, grants and supports received for the development of the article must be stated.

The second page must contain: an abstract no longer than one hundred and twenty words (120) in the original language. It must refer to objectives, study methods, results and conclusions. It must also include the key words that will allow indexing of the article (a maximum of five). The abstract in English is also needed with the same specifications.

Instructions for the general presentation of the article:

  • 2.54 cm margins on all tour sides of the page.
  • All pages must be numbered on the right upper corner.
  • All article must be doubled-spaced
  • No extra tabs or spaces between paragraphs
  • No insertion of page passing.
  • Use a common predetermined letter type (Arial/Times) size 12.

Develop reference sources and includes bibliographical references at the end of the text according to APA (American Psychological Association (APA) norms.

When sending by e-mail attach original files of figures and charts which appear in the article, that is in the program they were elaborated.

It is the author(s) responsibility to get the corresponding use permits and copyrights to add material and illustrations coming from other sources.

The opinions expressed in the articles published in this journal are the exclusive responsibility of the authors.


Sending of manuscripts

Articles must be unpublished and they must be submitted in original, A4 paper size to the editor of the Revista de Derecho of the Juridical Science Division of Universidad del Norte, kilómetro 5, vía Puerto Colombia, Barranquilla (Colombia), or through e-mail:

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