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Scope and policy

DYNA is a general scientific publication of the area of technological sciences, founded on 1933. It is a magazine to present the works in the area of engineering, sciences and technology of the Mines Faculty of National University of Colombia, Medellín. With a three times a year circulation, DYNA mainly presents articles of scientific research and technological development, original articles of reflection on a problem or particular topic and articles of revision that offer to a general perspective of the state of a specific dominion of science and the technology. Also they have capacity notes and communications, as well as discussions on particular points of the thematic cover by the magazine: Technology, sciences and engineering. All the published articles are put under revision of two pairs, of well-known suitability in the subject.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The Publishing Committee of DYNA asks for the collaborators of the Magazine, who consider the following instructions when presenting articles to consideration of the Committee for their publication.

  1. The authors send their works to the Director of the Magazine, A.A 1027 of Medellín, or to the M7-201 office of the Mines Faculty. Three copies of the article with a letter are required where the data of and electronic affiliation and mailing dresses of the main author are briefed. The letter remisoria must state that all the authors are informed and in agreement with putting under the article DYNA consideration.
  2. The article must be unpublished and it cannot simultaneously be put under the examination of other magazines or periodic publications.
  3. The extension of articles will be of 15 pages to double-spaced, in Spanish or English, so large paper letter, including in them a summary (maximum of 150 words) in Spanish (Resumen) and English (ABSTRACT) and the "key words" (also in Spanish and English). The articles cannot be class notes and when it is about a translation or the use of material protected by "rights of intellectual property" will have to count on the due authorizations of the authors.
  4. All articles will be put under the evaluation of two juries, designated by the Publishing Committee. The exceptions to this requirement will be decided by such committee.
  5. The articles that are accepted for publication, must be sent in magnetic (diskette of 3 ½ ", D-ROM, etc.) in processor "Word 6,0" (or compatible with this one) and two printed copies.
  6. With respect to graphs, tables and figures, these will have to be processed like "objects" (of way to facilitate the layout of the magazine); for it the program can be used that is desired. It is suggested to send them in black and white or tones of gray, being avoided the polichromas.
  7. Figures that are not i electronic, appear in photography or paper albanene and red Chinese.
  8. If the text includes photographies, its presentation in black and white is recommended, kills, with good resistance. The photographies are due to mount in leaves of the same size of the text. In the other aspects the treatment is similar to the one of the figures.
  9. The presentation of the article will be in agreement with articles of this number. They do not admit "footer" for reasons of layout of the magazine.
  10. On the foot of the title of the article the name of the author (or authors) must be included, its professional identification or institutional connection, its email.
  11. The references will have to go in the end with the following format:
    • Articles of magazines:
      Allen, J. S., R. M. Samelson, P. A. Newberger, Chaos in a model of forced quasi-geostrophic flow over topography: an application of Melinkov's method, J. Fluid Mech., 226, 511-547, 1991.
    • Books:
      Baker, G. L. y J. P. Golub, Chaotic Dynamics: An introduction, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1990.
    • Chapters of books:
      Lewis, P.A. W., B. K. Ray, y J. G. Stevens, Modeling time series by using Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS), En: Time Series Prediction: Forecasting the Future and Understanding the Past (Eds. A.S.Weigend y N. A. Gershenfeld), SFI Studies in the Science of Complexity, Proc. Vol. XV, Addison-Wesley, 297-318, 1994.
    • Congress Memories:
      Last name, N., S. Autor, and T. Autor, Title of the Communication. Memories XIX Latin American Congress of Scientific Communications. Cordova, Argentina, Volume II, 219-228, October 2000.
    • Report of an organism or Government:
      U.S. EPA. Status of Pesticides in Reregistration and Special Review. EPA 738-R-94-008. Washington, DC:U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1994
    • Theses:
      Jacobs J. Regulation of Life History Strategies within Individuals in Predictable and Unpredictable Environments [ PhD Thesis ]. Seattle, WA:University of Washington, 1996
    • References of Internet:
      NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center. Advancing Understanding and Predictions of Climate Variability. Available: [ mentioned 8 of August of 1998 ].
    • Data nonpublished:
      Last name, N. Datos nonpublished
    • Personal Communication:
      Last name, N. personal Comunicacio'n

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