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Scope and policy

The names and addresses of emails presented in this magazine will be used solely for the purposes declared by this magazine and they will not be available for any other purpose or to any other person.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

  • (a) Articles must be submitted on a Microsoft Word letter size document (21,5 cm x 28 cm), Arial font 12, and line and a half spacing. Articles must be no more than 30 pages in length, including references, tables and diagrams.
  • (b) The first two pages should include the following information:

    First page:

    - Title of the article must be brief, specific, and informative

    - Name of the author or authors

    - Institutional affiliation

    - Postal Address and email address

    - Source of subsidies and support received from publication norms second page:

    - A summary of no more than 140 words, that concisely explains the objectives, methodology, results and conclusions.

    - Information about the classification from the Journal of Economis Literature

    - List of key words

  • (c) The article must include a short summary about the researcher or researchers. It should include the following: Professional title, degrees, current occupation and an email address. Additionally, a summarized list of the research / investigations accomplished by the author or authors within the last two years.
  • (d) The page number must appear on the top right hand side. The first page must not be numbered.
  • (e) If there are any articles that are subdivided within the article, an Arial font 12, centered and in bold, must be used. Furthermore, they must be numbered consecutively with Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV etc.). Use A, B, C, etc., in case there are additional subdivisions and then 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • (f) Bibliographical citations must be inserted within the text and presented according to author and year. Example: (Williamson, 1979); (Smith,1983, p. 112); (CEPAL, 2003), etc.
  • (g) A list of works cited must be included at the end of the article. This bibliographical citation must be presented in alphabetical order by the author's last name. Example: RODRIK, D. y A. Subramanian, (2003). "La primacía de las instituciones (y lo que implica)", Finanzas y Desarrollo, junio, p. 32-34. SMITH, A. (1983). La riqueza de las naciones II. Barcelona: Orbis. Biblioteca Económica. WILLIAMSON, O. (1979). "Transaction Cost Economics: The Governance of Contractual Relations", The Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. XXII (2), October, pág. 233-261. On this list the titles of books, magazines and periodicals must be written in cursive or italics, not in boldface, and without quotations. Titles of articles must be written in standard lettering, within quotations and not in boldface.
  • (h) Tables and graphs should be designed on Microsoft Excel and must be attached on an electronic file. Charts must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and there can only be one chart per page towards the end of the text. The same must be done with the graphs, which must also be numbered independently from those of the tables, and must be presented on white paper and black ink. Each table, chart or graph must have a title that clearly describes the presented material. The tables, charts and graphs must be the author's original work. The source must also appear on the lower part of the table, chart or graph.

As part of the submitting process, it is required by the authors to indicate that their work complies with the following criteria. They must be aware that if the work does not meet the requirements, it may not be accepted and it may be returned to them.


Sending of manuscripts

It is required to register and use proper identification in order to submit articles online and to verify the status of those submissions.

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