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Ecos de Economia, published every 6 months, is edited by the the School of Economics and Finance in EAFIT University, Medellin - Colombia. Since its foundation in 1996, its principal objective has been to publish articles that gather international and national research results in the areas of finance and economics. Ecos de Economia is led by students, staff, researchers and people interested in themes the magazine covers.



  • The sending of articles to the magazine's address implies a commitment on behalf of the author to not submit it simultaneously for the consideration of other publications and declare the same originality.
  • Opinions submitted by the authors are their sole responsibility.
  • Received articles are submitted to a preliminary evaluation by the members of the editorial committee who may recommend changes they consider pertinent, or will return those which don't meet the required conditions. Likewise, articles are sent for evaluation to two anonymous expert judges in the field of each article. However, if one judge approves an article and another judge rejects it, then a third judge is used.
  • Approved articles require the authorisation of the author from the aforementioned effects before publication.
  • The fact of receiving an article and it being submitted to the process of evaluation doesn't secure its immediate publication and neither implies a specific term for its inclusion in a particular edition.
  • The official language for publication is Spanish, although articles are received in other languages.
  • The address of the magazine will acknowledge receipt of the work sent in a maximum of three days.


Presentation of the text

Articles should be transcribed in Word and sent to the magazine's email address. If the article includes photos or graphics, the originals should be sufficiently clear to facilitate publication. When the articles possess mathematical information and/or econometrics these should be done directly in letter Swis 721 LtCnBt, size 10.5 with the formulas solely in Word (Microsoft Editor in equations 3.0) to avoid problems of representation. Tables should be with tabs and not have'insert table'. The article should not exceed 20 pages and use spacing 1.5 and in letter size. In special cases the editorial committee will consider work with different pagination.


Each article should contain the following:

  • A title (Spanish and English).
  • A summary (Spanish and English) of  approximately 10 lines. describing the objective, methodology and principal conclusions.
  • Key words (Spanish and English); minimum three, maximum five.
  • Details of the author: name, academic level, email address and postal address, institutional affiliation (current institution of work, faculty, department, office, etc). If belonging to a research group, this should be noted also.
  • Besides the previous elements, the article should contain an introduction, the development, conclusions and references, and if need be, an annex.



Ecos de Economia adopts the APA 6ta. ed. system for quotations and references.

  • Short textual quotes of 3 lines or more are incorporated in the text using quotation marks to indicate them. Longer textual quotes are separated from the text and tabbed from the left margin without need for quotation marks. In both cases, the source should be cited completely, eg. author, year and number of page (Ortiz, 1999, p.2). Quotes are eliminated from the foot of the page, except in using them as clarifying notes. At the end of the article are listed all bibliographical references used in alphabetical order.
  • Paraphrases should contain only the author's name and year of publication (Ortiz, 1999).
  • If the work has more than three authors, they are cited the first time with all the surnames, and thereafter with the surname of the first author only, followed by the phrase et al.
  • If there are more than six authors, et al. is used from the first mention.
  • At the end of the article should appear the bibliographical references (only those used inside the text). They are organised in alphabetical order while works by the same author are ordered chronologically using French indentation with double spacing.


  • Books

Surname, Name. (Year). Title. City: Editorial.

  • Capital of books or works of reference

Surname, N. & Surname, N. (Year). Title of chapter or entry

In Surname, N. (Ed.), Title of book. (pp.xx-xx). City: Editorial.

Books in electronic form

Surname, N. (Year). Title. Sourced from

  • Articles from printed journals

Surname, N. (Year). Title of article. Title of publication, volume (number), pp. xx-xx.

  • Articles from the Web

Surname, N. (Year). Tíitle of article. Title of publication, volume (number), pp. xx-xx. Sourced from

  • Articles of daily publication, from the Web

Surname, N. (Year, day of the month). Title of article. Title of publication. Sourced from





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