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Note to collaborators

The Estudios de Filosofía Journal preferably publishes contributions that are the fruit of research in the different areas of Philosophy, as well as articles that enrich the discussion, the clarifying, the actualization or the interpretation of philosophical problems. We accept contributions in other languages. It is of utmost importance that the articles you send satisfy the following requirements:

1. Handing in

Send two printed copies of your article in paper (for the evaluators) to the Estudios de Filosofía, as well as an electronic copy in a CD, diskette or in an attachment to our e-mail.

2. Necessary data

• If the article you send is part of institutionally formalized research, indicate in a footnote the project´s title, the phase of its development and the funding sources of it.

• In a separate piece of paper, supply a brief intellectual biography of the author which must not exceed 100 words. It must include the following information: name and last name(s) of the author, nationality, date of birth, complete position you have in your institution (University, Dependency, Research group); completed studies (titles and institution where you obtained them); published books and articles; areas of specialization; e-mail and postal address.

3. Formal parameters for the submission of an article

The article must not exceed 9500 words. It must contain and introduction, development, conclusions and sytematized bibliography. The article must be preceded by an abstract of no more than 100 words in which you state its contents, the central thesis of the article, besides from 4 to 8 key words to identify the themes on which it dwells. Send it in Times New Roman letter style, size 12, double space.

4. Formats for bibliographical references

Estudios de  Filosofía only follows the model of quotation of “year-parenthesis”: In the body of the text, instead of the exponent number and footnote, the reference is made in parenthesis indicating the last name of the author, the year of publication of the work quoted and the page number, e. g. (Nietzsche, 1973: 20).

The magazine does not contemplate amongst its editorial parameters the model of quotation of “year-parenthesis”. It must follow the following order, punctuation and tipographical boldface:

• Books:
Nietzsche, F (1973) Así habló Zaratustra, Trad. de A. Sánchez Pascual, Alianza, Madrid, 1973. pp.45-50.
• Journal articles:
García, C (1985) El problema de la virtud en Platón, Pensamiento Filosófico, Caracas, vol. 12 (4), agosto de 1985, pp. 7-9.
• Chapters in books or collaborations in collective works:
Gutiérrez, A (1999) La cuestión del juicio determinante en el pensamiento de Kant. En: Arboleda, M. (ed.). El pensamiento de Kant en la reflexión filosófica contemporánea, Madrid, Tecnos, pp. 325-350. (If there are three authors or less their names must be quoted in full, if more than three only the first author´s name is quoted and then the expression et. added).
• Electronic resources:
Pritzker, T. J. An early fragment from central Nepal [sitio en internet]. Ingress Communications, disponible en: Access on 31st of July 1995.


Reception, evaluation and acceptance of the contributions

• The evaluation of the articles is anonymous. The Editorial Committe of Estudios de Filosfía selects the juries from a wide group of prestigious philosophers (both colombian and foreign) who cover all areas of Philosophy.

• Estudios de Filosofía will inform, in due time, the results of the evaluations of the articles.

• With the author`s authorization, Estudios de Filosofía will make editorial changes when necessary.

• The author will receive five courtesy copies of the number of the magazine in which her/his contribution appears, plus twenty separate copies of her/his article.


Sending of manuscripts

Collaborations must be sent to the following address and e-mail:
Revista Estudios de Filosofía
Instituto de Filosofía
Universidad de Antioquia
Calle 67 No 53-108. Bloque 12, oficina 434
Apartado 1226


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