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  • Authors are exclusively responsible for the opinions and statements in their articles and they do not necessarily represent the the line of the journal or the opinion of its director.

  • Authors will be totally responsible for legal issues which can arise from the cession of materials to this journal.

  • Receiving an article will not imply that Folios Journal is obliged to publish it.


  • All papers/essays must be original and unpublished.

  • Sending an article to be published implies that the author authorizes its reproduction whenever Folios Journal considers it convenient.


    Papers/essays received will be evaluated by the members of the editorial committee of Folios Journal and by an academic peer-group. Once it has been approved, the author will receive a printed version in order for him to revise and adjust at the appointed time.



  • Papers/essays must no exceed 25 pages and they must be sent in a magnetic medium or printed in letter-size paper, using one side of the paper only and at a single-space. The electronic version can also be sent by e-mail

  • Papers/essays must be sent to the editorial committee of Folios Journal, School of Humanities, "Universidad Pedagógica Nacional" (National Pedagogical University). Address: Calle 72 No. 11-86 .

  • The heading/headline of every and each paper/essay must include the title of the article in Spanish and in English, the name and surnames of the author(s), and the name of the institution where he/she/they work(s).

  • An abstract of no more than 1250 words in Spanish and in English must be included after the heading/headline. Then, three to five key words referring to the main topic of the article must be included after the abstract.

  • The list of bibliographic references in alphabetical order must be included at the end of the paper/essay. They must follow APA standards.

  • Notes and exact quotations will also follow updated APA standards

  • Diagrams, drawings, graphs, photographs, etc. will be in black and white. In addition, the author must precisely indicate the place in the text where every and each one of them must be included.

  • The editorial committee of the Journal reserves the right to modify that which it considers appropriate, according to these regulations. Originals sent will no be returned.


    Authors whose articles are published will freely receive two copies of the number in which his/her paper/essay is published.

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