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Scope and policy

Iatreia is a serial quarterly medical journal published by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Antioquia, in Medellín, Colombia. Its content is both scientific and technical, especially oriented at general practitioners and medical students. It has both national and international circulation. Its abbreviated name is Iatreia.
Iatreia was founded in 1988 and its name was reserved for the University of Antioquia by means of Resolution Nº 1.974 (April 27, 1989), issued by the National Copyright Office at the Colombian Ministry of the Interior. It has the ISSN 0121-0793 assigned by the Division of Bibliographic Resources at the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Upper Education (ICFES).
The editorial policy of Iatreia is to publish inedited papers on the health-disease processes, as well as on the practice of Medicine and related professions. In general, but not exclusively, papers on the following subject matters are acceptable: reports of original research, reflection and review articles, history of Medicine, critical updating, case reports, and medical education.
The first evaluation of papers submitted to the consideration of Iatreia will be carried out by the Editorial Committee; if approved, they will be reviewed by peers, preferably external to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antioquia. Peers must be experts on their respective fields and have an acknowledged academic career. Verdicts of peers concerning publication will be final.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

1. IATREIA is the official scientific publication of the Medical Faculty, University of Antioquia, in Medellín, Colombia. Its purpose is to diffuse technical and scientific knowledge on the health-disease processes, and on the practice of medicine and related professions; it provides a channel for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among students and professionals at the University of Antioquia, in other Colombian regions and abroad.
2. Manuscripts must be previously unpublished and be submitted exclusively to the consideration of IATREIA. The reproduction of especially interesting articles is permitted but previous consent of the author or editor is required.
3. The addresses for correspondence and for submitting manuscripts is as follows: IATREIA, Revista de la Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Antioquia, Apartado 1226, Medellín, Colombia. E-mail addresses:
4. Manuscripts must be submitted in a magnetic medium together with a double-spaced typed copy in letter-sized paper; left margin must be 4 cm. Both the magnetic and paper copies must include all TABLES and FIGURES. Computer-generated copies must fulfill all punctuation and orthography requirements. The computer program used and its version must be specified. Senders must keep copy of all materials submitted, for IATREIA assumes no responsibility for damages or loss. Maximum acceptable manuscript extension is 30.000 bytes (21-22 letter-sized pages) including TABLES, FIGURES, and references.
5. The manuscript must be accompanied by a letter of the main author, stating that it has been read and approved by all authors; the following documents must be submitted along with the manuscript using the forms that may be found in IATREIA´S web site: curricula vitae of authors, authorship responsibility and reception of the article.
6. Authors are responsible for the ideas presented in their manuscripts.
7. Articles must follow this order: Spanish title, Spanish summary, Spanish key words, English title, English summary, English key words, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, and Bibliography.
8. The title page must include the full names and academic degrees of all authors, the name of the institution at which the work was carried out, and, if pertinent, the name of the sponsor institution(s).
9. The summary, up to 200 words, must include: objectives, basic procedures, main findings and conclusions; emphasis must be on providing specific information.
10. Abbreviations are to be explained in their first appearance and must be used from then on.
11. Generic names of drugs must be used; commercial names may be included as footnotes.
12. Tables and charts are denominated TABLES, and must be numbered in Arabic numerals, according to the order of their appearance. Their titles must be written in the upper part of the sheet, and the footnotes, in the lower one. Symbols for units should appear at the top of columns. Photographs, graphics, drawings and diagrams are called FIGURES; they are also numbered in Arabic numerals according to the order of their appearance. Their titles are written in separate sheets. If microphotographs are used, their magnifications must be indicated. Do not send original photographs but glossy copies in black and white, whether in diskette or CD. Authors must pay for the cost of publishing color photographs. People should not be identifiable in photographs unless written permission has been obtained. The number of TABLES and FIGURES should be kept to the indispensable minimum; the Editorial Committee reserves the right to limit their number, as well as to adjust the style and extension of the articles.
13. Manuscripts submitted to IATREIA must be approved by the Editorial Committee, and are sent to one or two peers outside the University of Antioquia, with experience in the subject of the paper and with, at least, a Master´s degree (a doctorate is preferable) in areas directly related to the main subject matter of the article.
14. Statement of conflict of interests.
15. Approval by the Ethics Committee.
16. References are numbered according to the order of their appearance in the text. The following are examples of references:
a. Articles from journals with up to six authors: all authors should be cited; for articles with more than six authors, cite the first six, followed by “et al”. Example: Parkin DM, Clayton D, Black RJ, Masuyer E, Friedl HP, Ivanov E, et al. Childhood leukemia in Europe after Chernobyl: 5 year follow-up. Br J Cancer 1996; 73: 1006-1012.
b. Books: personal author or authors: Ringsven MK, Bond D. Gerontology and leadership skills for nurses. 2nd ed. Albany (NY): Delmar Publishers; 1996.
Editor of editors, compiler or compilers: Norman IJ, Redfern SJ, editors. Mental health care for elderly people. New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1996.
Institution as author or editor: Institute of Medicine (US). Looking at the future of the Medicaid program. Washington: The Institute; 1992.
c. Chapters of books: Phillips SJ, Whisnant JP. Hypertension and stroke. In: Laragh JH, Brenner BM, editors. Hypertension: Pathophisiology, diagnosis and management, 2nd ed. New York: Raven Press; 1995. p. 465-78.
For additional details on the presentation of papers and their bibliographies, the following document is recommended: Unified requirements for papers submitted to biomedical journals. International Committee of Medical journals editors, Vancouver Norms. Acta Med Col 1997, 22 (4). IATREIA has adopted the norms contained in such document.
17. A copy of the article will be given to its main author.


Sending of manuscripts

The magnetic medium and printed copies must be accompanied by a letter from the main author stating that he/she has read the article and agrees with its contents; authorship responsibility form and article reception form should also be submitted. Such forms may be downloaded from IATREIA´S web site.

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