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Scope and policy

Engineering and Development is the official organ of disclosure of the Division of Engineering at the Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia). This journal provides the academic and productive sectors with the information about scientific and technological developments in these areas. Each manuscript is evaluated and subjected to a peer review process. The Editorial Board will examine and decide on the desirability of its publication. In some cases the Board may accept a document with some modifications, or may suggest the most appropriate way to present it. The opinions expressed in this journal are responsibility of authors.

The Engineering and Development journal owns the property right of reproduction of the work in any media or form, although will consider any reasonable request made by authors to obtain permission to reproduce their contributions.

Once a paper is accepted for publication, authors must fill out a surrender of rights form, which can be downloaded from the official website of the journal.

The following are the type of manuscripts we receive:

  • Article about scientific and technological research. It is a document that shows in detail the original results of completed research projects. The structure generally used contains four important sections: introduction, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • Article about reflection themes. It is a paper presenting results of finished investigations since the analytical, interpretative or critical perspective of the author about a specific theme using original sources.
  • Review article. It is a document with the result of a completed investigation where we analyze, collate and integrate the research reports, published or not, on a field in science or technology, in order to communicate the progress and development trends. It is characterized by a careful review of the literature of at least 50 references.
  • Case Reports. These are documents presenting the results of a study on a particular situation in order to make known the experiences and methodological techniques considered in a specific case. It includes an annotated systematic review of literature on similar cases.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The first page should contain:

  • Title of the manuscript: It must be short, specific and informative. Include an English version.
  • Name of author or authors.
  • Educational background and institutional affiliation.
  • Address of lead author.
  • Source of grants and support received.
  • Short title, no more than 40 beats (including characters and spaces), which should be placed in the last line of this page.

The second page should contain: A summary of no more than one hundred and forty (140) words, which should concentrate on the objectives, study methods, results and conclusions. Include keywords. You must submit, moreover, both an English version of the summary and key words.

References should include in its order: name and initials of the name of the author(s), if there are more than 6 to mention only the first 6 and then the abbreviation "et al.", publication year, title of the article, name of the journal, issue and number of first and last pages of reference work. If the reference is a book, you should include, after the title, data about the city and the publisher.

The paper should include only tables and illustrations essential to understand the text. The tables, graphs and figures should be numbered consecutively and presented in accordance with the provision required by the author. The same should be done with figures, which should show a numbering different from that for tables. Each table or figure must be accompanied by a legend that clearly describes the material presented. The tables, figures and photographs must be originals by author. If they are amendments or reproductions of another article, it is necessary to attach the permission of corresponding publisher. Each image must be sent in separate file with at least 300 dpi resolution.


Sending of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be addressed to the editor of Ingeniería y Desarrollo journal email or sent in an original and two copies to the following address:

Revista Ingeniería y Desarrollo
Lucy García Ramos
Bloque C - Piso 3
Universidad del Norte
Kilómetro 5, Antigua vía a Puerto Colombia
Barranquilla, Colombia

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