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Scope and policy

Publication of the Centro de Investigaciones en Desarrollo Humano -CIDHUM-, of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Direction of Research and Projects-DIP- of Universidad del Norte. It provides the community with new perspectives and potentialities of research in human development. 

The editorial committee will study each article through its internal and external arbitration process and will decide on its convenient publication. In some cases it will accept an article after some modifications or will suggest the most convenient form for  a new presentation having into account APA norms

Once an article is accepted for publication, authors must fill and send the copyright release form, which can be downloaded at the official web page of the journal:

The kind of articles accepted are: 

* Article of scientific and technological research. This document presents detailed information about the original results of research or finished projects. Generally, the structure used in such articles contains four important parts: introduction, methodology, results and conclusions.

* Reflection article. This article presents results of a finished research from an analytical, interpretative or critical point of view of the author about a specific topic and using original sources.

* Review article. This article is the result of a finished research where published or unpublished research results from a given science and technology area are analyzed, systematized and integrated with the aim of disseminating advances and trends of development. It is characterized for presenting a careful bibliographic review of at least 50 references (Colciencias, 2006)


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Articles must be submitted digitalized with A4 size, Arial 12, double-spaced (including references); they should not be longer than 25 pages, including references, charts and diagrams. 

Reception of articles will be immediately notified. Author(s) will be notified of article status within a 6 month-period. In order to facilitate this procedure the author must provide mail address, telephone number and e-mail. 

The first page must contain:

    * Title of the article; it must be short, specific and provide information.

    * Name(s) of author(s)

    * Academic degree and institution affiliation

    * Address of the main author

    * E-mail of each author

    * Origins of funds and support received for the elaboration of the article or the related research 

The second page must contain: an abstract no longer than one hundred and forty words (140) which includes the objectives, methods of study, results, conclusions and key words. It should be submitted in two languages. English and Spanish are preferred. When articles are originally written in a language different from Spanish, the abstract should be submitted in the original language and Spanish 

For reference it is important to have the following recommendations norms into account:

* Use the publication style manual of APA (American Psychological Association), 2nd edition in Spanish, 2002

* In the text of the article, references should be made by author and year, as follows:

(Forero, 2000); (Smith,1983); (Papini & Bitterman, 1990).

* You must use the reference list, which should contain all the works referred by the author in alphabetical order.  

Graphs should be numbered consecutively and one per page at the end of the text. The same procedure should be used with figures, which should have an independent numeration and they must be on white paper and black colour fountain. Photographs must be in brilliant paper. Each graph or figure must have a title describing clearly the material presented. Charts, figures and photographs must be original from the author(s). If they are modifications or reproductions of another article, it is necessary to add the corresponding editor's permission. 

The opinions or evaluations expressed by the authors of the articles are their sole responsibility and they do not compromise the opinion, or the scientific policy of the Revista Investigación & Desarrollo.


Sending of manuscripts

Articles must be submitted to Revista Investigación & Desarrollo editors Raimundo Abello Llanos, PhD. or Daniel Aguilar, PhD. in original and two copies to:

Dirección de Investigaciones y Proyectos
Universidad del Norte
Kilómetro 5, antigua vía a Puerto Colombia
Barranquilla (Colombia)

Or to the following e-mails: , ,

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