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Basic Information

The Revista Med is a periodical scientific publication of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, published semi-annual by ISSN 0121-5256 in printed version and by ISSN 1909-7700 in electronic version, whose mission is based on the diffusion of research work performed by in house, other national institutions or from researchers and scientists that are in foreign countries whom contribute to the scientific and technological health development.

The Revista Med target a broad audience of physicians with or without specialties, pre or post doctoral medical students. It promotes and emphasizes in health issues related to military health and focus on health fairs, aerospace medicine, scuba diving and medicine, trauma and pots-traumatic stress among others, it also promotes the strengthening of those areas that lead to the actualization and to the integral exercise of medicine.

Precedents. The Revista Med is born in May 1991 thanks to the initiative and the scientific spirit of six final year students, Iván Leonardo Cepeda, Luis Fernando Echeverri, Jorge Alberto Espinosa, Carlos Alberto Riveros, Diego Andrés Rodríguez y Jairo Zuliani, who after seven months of planning and arduous work, bequeathed their efforts to students of lower levels, to edit year after year a volume summarizing some of the investigative, educational and assistance experiences developed within the faculty.

Though initially it was directed for the alumni, the scope was later expanded and in conformity with the educational reforms proposed by the Ministerio de Educación and with the globalization of education, it started promoting publication of articles of research for the actualization and divulgation in the fields of major development and interest of medical knowledge in the basic, clinical and social fields and their applications on biotechnology, the computer science, the humanities and other disciplines related to modern and humanistic exercise of medicine.

The decisive support by the different Deans has facilitated that up to this date, the Revista Med has been publishing without interruptions. According to the developmental plans of Facultad de Medicina a process of renovation and qualification will be done during the 2004-2008 period. The Hospital Militar will be supportive of this effort. As a result of these combined efforts, the Revista Med was included in the different national and international Index. Starting in 2007, the Revista will be published twice a year.


Information Services

The articles published in the Revista Med are indexed or summarized by:

  • PUBLINDEX - Index of Serial, Scientific and Technological Colombian Publications
  • LATINDEX - On line information system for scientific journals of Latin America, the Caribbean and Portugal
  • LILACS - Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences
  • SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library on Line
  • DIALNET - Virtual Newspaper library of Scientific Journals in Spanish America
  • REDALYC - Scientific Journals Network of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal of Universidad Autónoma of Mexico State (UAEM)



Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. Facultad de Medicina.



The publication of this journal is financially supported by:

  • La Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. Facultad de Medicina.


Referees index

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  • Zuloaga Humberto, Psiquiatría

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