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BI-ANNUAL magazine of Philosophy Department of
Universidad del Valle
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Cali: $24.000
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For your comfort and security you make your deposit in the following account: Nº 248400189-2 of Banco de Bogotá (in any city in Colombia) addressed to: Consorcio Universidad del Valle, Facultad de Humanidades, Account: UNIR.
Send this subscription coupon by mail or fax of properly issued and a photocopy of the deposit receipt to
Praxis Filosófica magazine
Departamento de Filosofía, Universidad del Valle,
Sede Meléndez, Edificio 386, oficina 3005,
A.A. 25360
Telefax: (57) (2) 331 61 59
Telefax: (57) (2) 339 11 84

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Departamento de Filosofía, Universidad del Valle

Calle 13 No. 100-00, edificio 386, espacio 3001, sede Meléndez
Cali, Colombia
Tel.: (57) (2) 331 61 59
Fax: (57) (2) 339 11 84