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Scope and policy

The Editorial Committee of the Magazine Papel Político, published by the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Javeriana University in Bogotá, is inviting persons to submit unedited academic articles for publication. The articles will be subject to internal revision which will take into account the type of article presented as well as if the articles conform to the formal requirements that will be outlined further on. The articles can be submitted in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese or Italian.

The preferred categories of the magazine are the following:

Scientific or Technological Research: This document must include the detailed original results of a research project. The general structure consists of four important sections: introduction, methodology, results and conclusions.

Reflection: This document must present the results of the research from an analytic, interpretive or critical perspective on a specific subject and it must include the original sources.

Revision Article: This document must be the result of research where the outcomes of published or unpublished research must be analyzed, organized (classified) or integrated into a field of science or technology. Its objective is to show advances and development tendencies. It will be characterised by careful revision of the bibliography and it should include at least 50 references.

In addition, the type of essay and the opinion article will be taken into account. In both fields, the coherence of the thesis and the quality of its supporting arguments will be considered. The magazine can also include reviews of recent publications in the areas of political science and international relations

Receipt and revision

The Editorial Committee selects the articles that will be published. Articles are accepted if they meet the all the aforementioned requirements as well as a revision of the theory and the methodology that will be completed by the internal and external evaluators.

This process is as follows

1 Receipt of the articles, they will be returned immediately if they do not meet the aforementioned formal requirements. 2) Evaluators will be assigned according to subject matter of the articles. The articles will be sent physically and electronically to the evaluators with an invitation letter, informing them of the deadline for the submission of the evaluation. The identity of the author and evaluators will remain confidential. 3) Each evaluator writes an outline using the evaluation criteria (pertinence, timeliness, importance to the discipline, academic strength and the conceptual level of the article); formal elements (orthography, redaction, article structure); classification of the article (essay, revision, research findings etc.) and the evaluator writes an outline rejecting or accepting the article based on major or minor modifications (structural or formal). 4) Feedback will be given on the authors’ concepts, which afterwards should modify the article. 5) Each accepted article with the required modifications is subjected to revision by the Editorial Committee. 6) The Editorial Committee will decide which of the articles evaluated with different outlines will be published or they will be sent to a third arbitrator. 7) After the definitive versions are received, a new revision is done and then the articles are sent to press. 8) On publishing the magazine, due to their participation, each one of the authors is entitled to two (2) of the editions including the transportation costs.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

General Requirements

1 page separate from the article which includes:

• 1) Title; 2) Name of the author(s) of the article; 3) Institutional Affiliation of the author (specify if the article is the result of research, if so be the case; 4) Type of article presented according to the categories; 5) author(s) contact information.

• In addition a synthesis or presentation of the article no longer than one paragraph must be sent as well as the Curriculum Vitae of the author and the references of his most recent publications.

Document Requirements

• An electronic and physical version of the article which contains and conforms to the following criteria:

• Title of the article in Spanish and English.

• Written in Microsoft Word, font size 12, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing and not less than forty-two thousand characters (42 000) with spaces and not more than ninety thousand (90 000).

• Include an analytic summary of the article in no more than 200 words in both languages: English and Spanish. If the original text is in a language other than English or Spanish, the summary must also be in that language as well: Spanish, English and the language of the article.

• Assign 4-6 Key words, under the heading “Key words”

• Each graph or table must have a short title that is relevant to its contents, the source must be cited and the graphs should be placed in separate files.

• The name of the author should be written under the title and sent as a footnote with an asterisk. The footnote should include a brief description of the author: profession, last degree obtained and his email address.

• Apart from the article, a synthesis or presentation of the Curriculum Vitae of the author should be included as well as references for the most recent publications, not exceeding one paragraph in length.


References should be cited using the foot note method and they should conform to the rules the American Psychology Association (APA). At the end of the article, the names of the books consulted should be written in alphabetical order under the title Works Cited.

For any questions or queries please visit:


Sending of manuscripts

All submissions must be sent to the editor in printed and electronic form to the next contact

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