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Its editorial line encourages the development of knowledge and the foundations particular to bioethics. In its own particular way, it considers the critical aspects that emerge from scientific and technological progress and, based on interdisciplinary studies, it places a priority on solutions to problems that do the most to violate the protection of human life and dignity. Accordingly, special attention is given to the philosophical aspects of human life, to the different situations that generate ethical problems in clinical practice, to technical, scientific and technological progress, to bio-legal issues, to the relationship between bioethics and society, to care of the environment, and to an analysis of the topics found in universal declarations related to bioethics.

Is an interdisciplinary journal for readers who are interested in bioethical issues, particularly researchers, so they may have well-founded and qualified opinions on the meaning of their work and the ethical care it demands. It also seeks to be a reference source for teaching and to contribute thoughts and opinions that will reinforce the particular work of bioethical committees.

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Persona y Bioética seeks to be recognized as a source of information and consultation that is highly regarded for its validity and reliability in the field of bioethics in Latin America.

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