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Scope and policy

In order to refer a manuscript for consideration and evaluation of academic pars, it has to be unpublished and not have been simultaneously submitted for publication to another national or international journal. These manuscripts must belong to either one of the categories described below:

  • Empirical articles: Reports of original research projects. Generally, they contain different sections related to the phases of the research process. These articles must be presented with the following structure: introduction, method, results and discussion.
  • Theoretical articles: Documents in which the author relies on the already existing research literature in order to make a contribution in any area of psychology. The author follows the development of a particular theory with the purpose of expanding and refining the theoretical constructs. Usually the author presents a new theory. As an alternative, he/she may discuss the existing theory.
  • Reflection articles: Papers that present research results from the author's analytical interpretative or critical perspective. These deal with a specific topic based on original sources.
  • Revision articles: Documents resulting from a type of research where the findings of published or non-published research related to a certain field of science and technology are analysed, systematised and integrated in order to give an account of the progress and development trends in such field. Their main characteristic is that they present a very thorough review of the literature which contains at least 50 references.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Through written communication addressed to the Editor of Revista de Arquitectura (Bogotá) the author shall submit the paper sending the original version in two copies, both printed and in magnetic means, or via e-mail. The manuscript must comply with the international norms for presentation of manuscripts contained in the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), must be written in Microsoft Word, using letter size format, Arial font, 12 points, double space and not exceed 25 pages. Send the paper to the Carrera 13 No. 47-49 1er piso and to the and

The first page of the document must include: title of the article (both in Spanish and English), author(s) institution, abstract, key words, and the postal address and author's e-mail as a footnote.

Sending of manuscripts

Send manuscripts and related correspondence to Universidad Católica de Colombia, Facultad de Diseño y el Centro de Investigaciones (CIFAR)

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