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Scope and policy

The Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Químico - Farmacéuticas publishes original documents, of basic and applied investigation, in anyone of the diverse topics related to pharmaceutical sciences.

XXXXX of complete articles the magazine accepts: shorter revisions and in extensive, brief communications, reports of case, review critic and letters to the publisher. The contributions can be sent in Spanish, English or Portuguese, in Times New Roman letter, size 12, double space, appropriate margins (2.5 cm) and by triplicate (original and two copies) with a  electronic copy specifying the text processor used. Notes on sheet foot are not admitted.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The works for publication should include:

  • Title. It must be centred and lower cases, it should go in Spanish and English. 
  • Name of the Authors. Should be It should be in Italian form, left line-up and it should be including address, e mail and fax.
  • Summary in Spanish and in English. Those must be centred and should have around 50 - 200 words each one. They should show the main results and conclusions making emphasis in the reached achievements.
  • Words Key. (Under the summary) Around 3 0r 6 words, these must be separated by scripts. Preferiblemente tomadas del Index Medicus:

The articles must be following these sections: introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, words of thanks and bibliography. All the titles must be centred, in bold letter and separated in their superior and inferior part by 2 spaces. The details about the used experimental methodology will have to be the sufficiently clear thing like repeating the experimentation.

The tables must take Arabic numeration in agreement with the appearance order in the text. The title must go in its superior part and notes in the inferior part. In the headings of the columns the symbols of the used units are due to write down. The photographies, graphs, drawings and schemes denominate Figures and must take Arabic numeration in agreement with the appearance order in the text.

The articles related to experimentation with animals must adjust totally to the ethical lineamientos drawn up by the World-wide Organization of the Health. The extracts and/or fractions evaluated in vitro or alive must be defined chemically, at least as far as the component class. Vegetable material will have to be classified botanical.

The abbreviations of weights and measures will be indicated by the Farmacopea of the United States in their official edition and/or units IF.

It will be avoided the excessive use of tables and figures, which will be numbered and that will be annexed in separated pages o sheets with their respective description and indicating in the text its corresponding location.

The references will be mentioned in the text with their respective numeration. Single theses and books or articles can be mentioned that have been published. They must include: author(s), title, publication, year, volume and pages of the following way:

Magazines: Initials of the complete full name of all the authors, complete title of the article, names brief or complete name of the magazine depending if it appears in the Chemical Abstract or equivalent index. The reference is mentioned in Italian letter, volume in bold letter, initial page and year between parentheses. Example:

1. H.P. Baden, L.A. Goldsmith y B. Fleming, A comparative study of.............
keratinized tissues, Bioch. Biophys. Acta, 322, 269 (1973).

Personal communications: Initials of the name, complete last name and Institution, followed by the words personal communication and the year. Example:

2. A.J.M. Leeuwenberg, Agricultural University, Wageningen, Holanda,
Personal communication, 1984.

Books: Initials of the complete full name of the authors, title of the book in inverted commas, editorial, City, year, volume and page. Example:

3. D.R. Morris, "The Biochemistry of Disease", Morris et Marton Eds., London, 1981,
Vol. 8, p. 223.

Book chapters written by several authors: Initials of the complete full name of the author of the followed chapter of the word In, title of the book in inverted commas, publishers, editorial, city, year, volume, pages. Example:

4. A.D. Elbein y R.J. Molyneux. En "Alkaloids: Chemical and Biological Perspectives",
Ed. por S.W. Pelletier, Wiley, New York, 1987, Vol.5, pp. 1-54.

Thesis: Authors, followed title of the word Thesis of...., Institution, year, pages. Example:

5. F. Salcedo, "Contribución al estudio de las Cinchonas colombianas", Tesis de Grado,
Universidad del Valle, 1983, pp. 14-16.

References of Internet: Initial of the complete full name of the author, title of the document, direction URL and date of revision. Example:

6. Lipidat. Lipid thermotropic phase transition database. Ohio State University. URL:, August 2001.


Sending of manuscripts

The correspondence must be sent to the following direction:

Comité Editorial
Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Químico Farmacéuticas
Departamento de Farmacia - Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Apartado Aéreo 14490
Fax: 57-1-3165060
Bogotá - Colombia
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