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Basic Information

Cuadernos de Geografía - Revista Colombiana de Geografía, is an academic peer-reviewed journal founded in 1979 and published twice a year since 2011 by the Department of Geography of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Its objective is the dissemination of scientific production in the field of geography at the national and international levels. Targeted mainly at the academic and research communities of geographers, it welcomes original, unpublished articles resulting from research projects, analytical, interpretive, and critical reflection essays, revision articles and book reviews, in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Because the journal appears twice a year and permanently receives contributions, the articles received are consolidated each quarter until the call for papers is announced.

The Editorial Committee’s policies aim at the dissemination of a wide variety of content in the field of geography, including different trends in human geography (economic, political, urban, cultural, and historical), physical geography (climatology, geomorphology, and hydrology), environmental geography (risks, disasters, sustainable development, sustainability, and landscape analysis), and the applications and developments of technologies for geographical information (remote sensors, geographic information systems (GIS), and cartography).

Its abbreviated title is Cuad. geogr., and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.

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Every article and document published in the journal is governed by the terms of a Creative Commons License (Attribution Non-commercial No Derivative Works) which can be consulted at: It is understood that the journal reserves the right to reproduce, publish, and distribute the articles in printed or digital media that allow for public Access to them.


Cuadernos de Geografía – Revista Colombiana de Geografía is financed by the Faculty of Human Sciences of the National University of Colombia, Bogotá branch, Colombia.

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