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Scope and policy

The Revista Colombiana de Estadística publishes original research articles in theoretical or applied topics in all areas of Statistics. High quality expository articles on methodological and applied statistical techniques in other areas are also considered. The manuscript can be submitted in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese and occasionally in some other languages.

Conditions for submission of a manuscript for publication are that the manuscript has not been previously published, it is not under review for publication elsewhere, and it will not be submitted for publication elsewhere while being reviewed by the Revista Colombiana de Estadística. All manuscripts sent for review must include a letter signed by the authors in which they agree to this journal’s policy for submission..


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Submitted manuscripts must be presented in PDF or PS, with text, figures and tables in black color.

To facilitate the review and publishing process, it is recommended to useMiKTEX, with the file template and the style revcoles, that are in the Journal Web page, and following the instructions given there.

All articles must include:

1. An English title and its Spanish version.
2. Full name, mailing address, electronic address, and institutional affiliation for each author.
3. An Abstract both in the original language and in English (Abstract ). The Abstract in the original language must have at most 200 words and its contents must highlight the new contribution of the manuscript to the state of the art. If English is the original language a Spanish Abstract (Resumen) must be included.
4. Key words and key phrases (Key words and phrases). Provide three to six key words, in the original language and in English. Keyword selection must allow the Current Index to Statistics (CIS) recommendations.

5. A list of References.
6. The origin of the research and any institutional or financial support must appear in the Acknowledgments section. In particular: (a) Manuscripts derived from a dissertation or thesis must provide a complete bibliographic reference to the original work; (b) manuscripts derived from sponsored research should disclose the institutional/financial support and any relevant bibliographic references.

In addition the authors must submit a blinded paper version for reviewing, without author names, job titles, affiliation, their addresses, or any information that could reveal their identity.

For manuscripts accepted for publication, the authors must submit to the Editorial Committee the electronic files: source in LATEX and figures in EPS format in black color.

References and Footnotes

Bibliographic references within the text should keep the author-year format, with the author’s surname first, followed by the publication year between parenthesis. The revcoles style uses the BibTEX and the Harvard4 programs. It is also desirable to reduce the size of footnotes, especially those referring to other notes within the manuscript and those used in bibliographic references.

Tables and Figures

Numbered Tables and Figures, with Arabic numbers, must be referenced within the text using their numbers. All tables must be designed to fit into the printing area of the journal. In that sense, authors must consider the length and width of all tables, representative digits, titles and headlines. Figures must be visually clear
and its size must be modifiable.

For articles accepted for publication, it is the authors responsibility to present the final version to the Editorial Committee according to the guidelines. All elements as bars, segments, symbols and numbers must be printed in black color.

Legal Responsibility

All authors are responsible for the use of any copyrighted material including figures, tables, and  photographs.


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