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Colombia Internacional is the journal edited by the Political Science Department of the Universidad de los Andres (Colombia). Since 1986, Colombia Internacional has carried out the University's mission to broaden knowledge and share information, among an academic and general public, that offers a greater, more rigorous and scientific understanding of recent findings, debates and reflections in the fields of political science and international relations,Colombia Internacional is pluralist academic publication, published four times a year, that aims to improve and promote national and international academic discussion by analyzing past and current political pheromones from the point of view of political science as well as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives and relevant and innovative methodological approaches. The different sections of the journal include:

  • Editorial: This section introduces the readers to the current volume, its content, significance and justification. It includes a "Letter to the readers", written by the journal's editorial team, and a "Presentation".
  • Analysis: This section presents unpublished articles that revolve around a specific theme, previously announced by the journal's editorial committee. The special editions explore a topic of present-day importance in the field of political science and international relations and are usually coordinated by a guest editor.
  • General Interest: this section presents unpublished articles on different topics (international relations, political theory, comparative politics, Colombian politics and foreign policy, among others), that do not form part of a particular theme.
  • Documents: This section publishes reviews and reproduces texts, transcriptions, photographs and other previously published documents that the editorial committee considers of interest for the journal's readership, particularly as a result of their pedagogical or illustrative value. It also provides a space for critical reflection and the exchange of points of view in relation to current political questions, theoretical proposals and the results of brief investigations.

KEYWORDS: Political science ● international relations ● comparative politics ● Colombian politics ● political theory

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