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Basic Information

The Universidad y Salud Journal (Univ. Salud) is a publication edited by the Center for Health Studies of the University of Nariño (CESUN- UDENAR) that, until 2015 was printed every six months, and since 2016, is now published every four months and online. It is a means of dissemination, principally of the knowledge obtained through the development of scientific and/or technological research, national or international, by means of unpublished works on subjects of health sciences and other related topics. The number of articles published by volume is subject to the editorial flow of the journal.

To comply with international standards, a maximum of two articles published by author in a single volume is allowed.


1) Create a space of communication and exchange between the Journal, and researchers of academic institutions in the field of Health Sciences, and other related streams.
2) Provide a space for researchers and academics to publish advances in scientific knowledge and technological development.
3) Establish a means of remaining up to date through the diffusion of research and articles.


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Every article and document published in the journal is governed by the terms of a Creative Commons License (Attribution Non-commercial No Derivative Works) which can be consulted at: It is understood that the journal reserves the right to reproduce, publish, and distribute the articles in printed or digital media that allow for public Access to them.


  • The Journal Universidad y Salud is financed by the Center for Health Studies of the University of Nariño, Pasto Colombia.

  • University of Nariño.

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