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Scope and policy

The journal Revista de la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Políticas, it is a scientific publication which main objective it is to contribute to the enrichment of academic knowledge about legal and political issues, with a special attention for texts about research applied to current matters within the scientific community.

The journal it is directed to professionals in law, political science and similar areas, like sociology, international relations and economics.

Publishable articles at the journal Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Políticas, must complete the following conditions:

  • Being unpublished articles or bibliographical reviews.
  • The articles will be previously checked by the journal's editor and forwarded to the Editorial Board and the Scientific Committee. The Editorial Board will appoint qualified academic peers to evaluate the relevance, timeliness and clarity of the work.
  • The Scientific Committee has the function of selecting, from among all publishable material, which will eventually be published. From the date of receipt of the articles, not more than 15 days will pass without the authors get notice of the inclusion, or not, of their articles in the editorial process.
  • The arbitration process is double-blind and is conducted through the coordination of the journal. If an article¬† is discarded by an assessor and approved by another, the journal editor will appoint a third peer and after comparing the evaluations will decide whether to approve, or not,¬† the continuation of the article in the editorial process. The authors assume completely responsibility to follow the corrections made by the peers, or indicate why and which part will not accept to correct.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The publishable articles at the journal Revista de la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Políticas:

  • Must be preferably the result of processes of research, academic articles, bibliographical reviews or book reviews.
  • Articles could be submitted either in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
  • Articles should contain an analytical summary and at least five keywords (it is suggested the use of thesaurus following: UNESCO, UN and UNBIS of IEDCYT of CSIC), introduction, and all the bibliographic references. The abstract and keywords should be properly presented in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. If the author does not have the resources to do the translations it should notify the editor.
  • The articles must include the name of the author (in footer note indicate: undergraduate degree, academic position, highest postgraduate degree and email) If the article is the result of an investigation process, must include, in a footer, the funding entity, the name of the project, the termination date of the research and the methodology.
  • The articles must be submitted as Word, font Arial 12, 1.5, titles and subtitles must be in bold.
  • The bibliography must follow APA citation standards.


Sending of manuscripts

  • The journal's editorial process is done digitally, so the application of articles for the process must be done through email:
  • Once the article is sent, the authors will be contacted by the journal staff, and to begin the formal process they should fill out the form of Cession of Rights and Declaration of Originality of the text.
  • The inclusion of articles in the editorial process does not involve the obligation to publish them.

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