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The Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología is a refereed scientific journal aimed at librarians, archivists, and specialist in the field of information science. It is a trusted venue for the publication of original and unpublished research based articles that are written in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. We also welcome theoretical papers, reviews, and original reflections that shed light on the advances made in Librarianship and related fields, especially in Latin America. The journal is a quarterly publication that is available in its print version via subscription. Its contents can also be accessed, in electronic form, through its open access website.

Area of interest of the journal: Library science, documentation, archivist, information science.

History: The Inter-American Library Magazine of the Inter-American School of Library Science is a publication of the University of Antioquia.

The publication is of semestral character and began in 1978 in printed form; it also has an online version in the electronic data bases of H.W. Wilson since 1999 and in the data base Academic Report of Thomson Gale since 2005. It has a Website where the summaries of articles and the notes of the magazine appear.

The Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología goes to all those professionals in the area of library science, documentation, archivists and information science. For the evaluation of its articles it counts with a publishing and scientific committee that endorses the quality of the contents of the publication. The abbreviation in its title is Rev. Interam. Bibliot. which must be used in bibliographies, bibliographical footnotes, legends and references.


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  • Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory
  • Índice propio: vol. 1, no. 1, 1978 - vol. 16, no. 2, 1993
  • Índice de las publicaciones seriadas de la Universidad de Antioquia, 1978- 1999
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Escuela Interamericana de Bibliotecología and CODI (Comité para el Desarrollo de la Investigación) from the Universidad de Antioquia finance the publication of the journal.

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