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Scope and policy

Suma Psicológica is a journal that publishes articles in all areas of psychology and accepts empirical research reports, both basic and applied. It also accepts theoretical or philosophical discussions about the discipline, and re-interpretations of data that have been previously published.

Review process

All manuscripts will be initially evaluated by the editor, who verifies whether they have the requirements needed to be published. Manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two reviewers who are experts in the field covered by the manuscript. The review process is a double-bind peer-review, in which both authors and referees are anonymous.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

In general, authors are required to provide information to show that they have complied with APA ethical standards or with those of the Declaration of Helsinki in the treatment of their animal or human subjects and to describe the details of the treatment.
Specifically, authors should send all the pertinent information listed below, depending on the research protocol used or the type of article submitted to the Journal:

  1. Ethical approval from an appropriate committee.
  2. Informed consent.
  3. Conflicts of interests disclosure.
  4. Research funding sources.
  5. Statement informing if any part of the material submitted to the journal has been previously published.
  6. Name of ethical committee approving the research protocol (it applies to each study involving even the slightest intervention for research purpose).
  7. Information about co-author contribution.
  8. Permission for use of any copyrighted material included in the manuscript.

Notes: Information about the first four items, should be included in the text. Additional information is included in de copyright notice available from the Journal’s Web Page, which must be signed and sent.

The Journal reserves de right to ask additional information about ethical aspects of the work before accepting the manuscript.


Sending of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent in electronic format (word), through our web page:
To do this, authors must register in the system. In addition, authors must send the editor the copyright notice signed by each author. This copyright notice is available from the Journal´s Web Page and should be sent by e-mail ( to:
Claudia E. Gamboa
Editora Suma Psicológica
Facultad de Psicología
Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz
Authors sending manuscripts to Suma Psicológica must comply with the following standards:

  1. Use of APA style rules.
  2. Article should include author´s name, institutional affiliation, and corresponding author (mailing address and e-mail).
  3. Article should include title, abstract, and key words (both in English and Spanish).
  4. If the article contains any tables, they must be presented in standard forms.
  5. Figures must be in black and white, in TIFF o PDF files, in its final format.
Articles must be written following grammatical rules for the language in which they are presented.

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