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Scope and policy

Tecné, Episteme y Didaxis, TED (Revista de la Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnología)- is a specialized Journal of topics related to Education of Experimental Science, Mathematics and Technology, through diffusion and spread of research results, reflections and experiences on these areas of knowledge. It is a worldwide publication aimed to researchers, teachers and undergraduate and graduate students.

Peer Review Process

Before submitting the paper to be reviewed by referees, it should be evaluated by Journal editors in order to verify topic, contents and requirements demanded to authors. This process lasts two (2) months.

  • The evaluation lasts within 4 and 8 months.
  • Manuscripts are subject to a blind review mechanism. Authors' names and their relevant information of them are removed from the manuscript submitted.
  • Papers are evaluated by two referees, who are expert in the subject of those articles. If no contradiction between them, it is submitted to a third evaluator.
  • Referees deliberately fill out the evaluation format and recommend:
    • Accepted for publication, no changes required.
    • Accepted for publication, minor modifications required.
    • Not accepted for publication.
  • Editorial Board approves the publication of articles following the process and concept by arbitration.
  • The result of the evaluation process is final in all cases.

Instructions for Paper Remission

Tecné, Episteme y Didaxis -TED- is a Journal issued from 1991 by the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, and aimed to disseminate and discuss original articles by Latin American community of educators and researchers in Education of Experimental Science, Mathematics and Technology and other developments generated in these areas of knowledge. TED has had a long experience publishing articles to promote reflection and discussion about those areas.

Since 1998, the Journal has published uninterruptedly two issues per year, every two years. For International Congress on Education of Teachers of Science, we have published an extraordinary issue which includes the relevant memories. Languages accepted for publishing articles are Spanish and Portuguese.

Webpage offers all the information about TED, which includes Mission, Vision and Purposes; Types of Papers, sections of our Journal; Papers Evaluation Criteria, their Organizational Structure, Publishing Process (Tracking); Professional and Ethical Responsibility of Authors, Referees and Journal; and finally the Open Access Publishing Policy; Evaluation Formats; Instructions for Paper Remission, and the Authors' Ethics Statement Format.

Articles submitted to Journal should be uploaded in platform TED, Open Journal System,

Each article should include two files:

  • First one: contains just the article but there should not be any reference of the author(s), so includes just the title of the article.
  • Second one: contains the relevant information of authors and article, as follows: title of the article, author(s)' full names, institutional affiliation, author(s) email; Spanish abstract. So the file is named with word "authors", followed by script and the article title.

1. Article must be set-up as follows: Word 2007 or later version, letter size, top-and-bottom margins 2.5 cm; left-and-right margins 3 cm; 1.4cm header. Footer 1.25 cm.

2. Word 12-point Arial font, black, single spacing, no styles for all the text; no additional spaces before-or-after each paragraph, but just one between paragraphs and between titles and any paragraph. No capitals. Bold headings; bold and italics subheadings. Numbering and titles of tables, diagrams, graphs, images and photographs, must be below them, and 10-point aligned and centered.

3. Articles should not be longer than 20 pages, including references.

4. The article submitted should have the following order:

Title (in English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Abstract (in Spanish, English and Portuguese, containing minimum 350 and maximum 400 words.) This should include, if a research paper, the main Research Objectives, Scope, Methodology and Main Results, and Conclusions. Should be clear, consistent and concise, so we suggest checking and verifying data, syntax, spelling, but avoiding errors and not excluding important references.

Keywords (minimum 3 and maximum 10 words in Spanish, English and Portuguese.) Should be relevant and indicate the content topics. We recommend terms of relevant thesauri specialized disciplines.


Proposal Development


RAE (Analytical Specialized Abstract, 1 page)

How to quote this article: Cite the article according to APA Standards.

5. Tables, charts and graphs should be in Word or Excel, and listed and quoted within document. Texts of schemes should be typed in Word, not as an image format.

6. Images, photographs and maps should be submitted in separate files with the corresponding names, based on 300 dpi resolution, TIF or JPEG format, 16 cm width and original color. They should be listed and referred to document.

7. Footers have a numerical sequence; should provide necessarily just a few and concise footers, only for clarification of the text but not books cited. Books will only be in bibliography.

8. Quotations and references should be in APA (American Psychological Association) standards, 6th Edition.

9. The contents of the articles are the sole responsibility of the authors, who sent a letter of Ethics Statement and Proprietary Rights Assignment, according to the format established by TED, which reserves the right of publication of the articles submitted. The review process could not be begun without this letter.

10. Attach to each article submitted, the authors résumé (maximum one page per author), including academic training, institutional affiliation, recent publications in other journals or books, and teaching and research experience.

Ethics Statement and Proprietary Rights Assignment


I hereby attest that the manuscript entitled: ____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ which I submit for possible publication in Journal Tecné, Episteme y Didaxis -TED- by Faculty of Science and Technology at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, has not been published in any version. I agree not to submit elsewhere while it is under evaluation by Journal TED or subsequently, if accepted for publication by your Journal.

I declare this manuscript is original, because its content is a result of my (our) intellectual authorship. All data and references cited in other publications have been identified with their respective authorship credit and included in the relevant bibliography. If required, I have the necessary permissions given by economic rights holders.

According to the above, I declare that all materials submitted are wholly free regarding copyright; therefore I am responsible for any dispute or claim related to intellectual property rights, exempting from any liability the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional.


Whether the manuscript is approved for publication, I transfer its property rights to Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, so you may include this text in Journal Tecné, Episteme y Didaxis -TED- and duplicate, edit, distribute, exhibit and disseminate in Colombia and outside by print, electronic media, CD-ROM, internet or any other means known or not, but recognizing duly copyright.

In witness whereof, this statement is signed on___(date),___(month), year____ in ________ (city), ___________ (country).

Name ________________________, Signature ________________________, ID Number __________________________

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