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Scope and policy

Universitas Philosophica is focused on communication, release and promotion of philosophical reflection on the teaching, research and social service levels. It addresses the academic and professional philosophical community, and to the reader public in Colombia and the world. Every coontribution sent to Universitas Philosophica is evaluated by two (2) academic peer-reviewers in a double blind system (anonymous authors and peer-reviewers). Universitas Philosophica reserves its right to accept or reject them according to the peer-reviewers concepts and the Editorial Committee. Decisions will be sent to the authors up to the three months of its submission to this journal. Every textual or graphic contribution when accepted would adhere to the copyright parameters established. If author(s) agrees, he/she should fill out and sign the copyright official format and send it to Universitas Philosophica,and also the format for tansfer of rights, and a photocopy of its national identity; such format will be timely sent. Any contribution sent would not be returned.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Universitas Philosophica publishes articles, papers, translations, book reviews or unpublished book reviews. Failing that, they must be justified in writing the merits of a new publication, along with the written permission of the original publisher and the full reference of the original publication. The magazine is divided into three sections: Articles, Lectio inauguralis and reviews. The parameters for submission of articles is as follows:

Format: Articles must not exceed 25 pages, size: letter, with left and right margins of 3 cm, format: Word, font Times New Roman 12 pt, line spacing: spacing.

Heading: Title of Paper, name and email address of the author, institutional affiliation and belonging to the city in which it is based, an analytical summary of the article, in Spanish and English, not exceeding 150 words, five words key (key words) in Spanish and English. A footer must occur: (i) a brief identification of the author, last degree obtained, areas of interest, two (2) full bibliographic references and recent-items-or works of authorship. (Ii) What is the nature of the article, research, reflection, revision or translation.

Subtitles: high and low (no fixed capital), no bold or italic, numbered and right aligned.

Quotations of more than four lines: transcribed in a separate paragraph with a left margin than the rest of the text, single-spaced, without quotation marks or italics.

Called to footer: ruffles Arabic numerals (preferably 8pts, elevated 2 pts.), Ordered consecutively and placed before the punctuation mark.

Footnotes page: only be used to clarify or to provide additional data, not to make references, they will go into the body of the text (APA citation system)

Citations: should appear in parentheses author's surname, year of publication, a colon and the number of the page or pages to which corresponds the appointment.

Artwork: All artwork must be submitted in separate file indicating the program used.

References: listed at the end of the text in alphabetical order and must adhere to APA bibliographic standards



Sending of manuscripts

Contributions should be sent in word and pdf format, to any of the following emails:,,

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