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Acta Biológica Colombiana

Print version ISSN 0120-548X

Acta biol.Colomb. vol.20 no.2 Bogotá May/Aug. 2015 

Doi: 10.15446/abc.v20n2.44638

Nota breve


Primer registro del género Ocyochterus en Colombia y nuevos registros de Ochteridae en Costa Rica (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)


1Laboratorio de Enseñanza de las Ciencias, Escuela de Ciencias Biológicas, Universidad Nacional. Heredia, Costa Rica. Avenida 1 Calle 1, Apartado 86-3000.
For correspondence.

Received: 25 July 2014; Returned for revision: 9 October 2014; Accepted: 16 October 2014.
Associate Editor: Víctor López Martínez.

Citation / Citar este artículo como: Herrera Madrigal F. First record of the genus Ocyochterus from Colombia and new records of Ochteridae from Costa Rica (Hemiptera:Heteroptera). Acta biol. Colomb. 2015;20(2):255-257. doi:


The first Colombian record of Ocyochterus, expanding the previously known distributional range of the genus. Additionally, records of two species of Ochterus from Costa Rica are provided. The material examined is deposited at the Zoological Museum of the University of Costa Rica (MZUCR), San José, Costa Rica.

Keywords: Nepomorpha, Heteroptera, Central America, Colombia, velvety shore bugs.


Se registra por primera vez Ocyochterus para Colombia, con lo cual se expande el rango de distribución conocido hasta el momento. Además, se proveen registros para dos especies de Ochterus en Costa Rica. El material examinado se encuentra depositado en el Museo de Zoología de la Universidad de Costa Rica (MZUCR), San José, Costa Rica.

Palabras clave: Nepomorpha, Heteroptera, Centroamérica, Colombia, chinches acuáticos.

The family Ochteridae consists of the genera, Megochterus Jaczewski, 1934 from Australia, Ocyochterus Drake and Gómez-Menor, 1954 from South America and the cosmopolitan Ochterus Latreille, 1807 (Menke, 1979; Cordeiro et al., 2014). The latter is represented in the Western Hemisphere by 17 species described (Schell 1943; Drake 1952; Nieser and Chen 1992; Heckman 2011; Cordeiro et al., 2014) with only five species recorded in the Central American region (Champion, 1901; Schell, 1943; Drake, 1952; Nieser and Chen, 1992; Cordeiro et al., 2014). The genus Ocyochterus is monospecific, with Ocyochterus victor (Bolívar, 1879) being the only species so far described (Schell, 1943).

The presence of Ocyochterus victor is herein reported for Colombia, being the first record of this species outside Ecuador. Identification was made using information presented by Montandon (1898), Drake and Gómez-Menor (1954) and Schell (1943). One female specimen was found during a revision of the material deposited at the Entomological Collection of the Zoological Museum of the University of Costa Rica (MZUCR).

Additionally, other distributional records from Costa Rica are provided for Ochterus viridifrons (Champion, 1901) and Ochterus manni Hungerford (1927). The distribution of both species within Costa Rica was mentioned by Schell (1943), Drake (1952) and Cianferoni (2012) without specific localities, except for Schell (1943) who provides records of O. viridifrons from San José. Precise distributional records are herein given for both species. This other material was identified with the information provided by Champion (1901), Schell (1943) and Cianferoni (2012).

Material examined

Ocyochterus victor (Bolívar, 1879) (Fig. 1)

COLOMBIA, Nariño, La Planada, 1800 m.a.s.l., 9 Km south of Ricaurte. VI-1991. Col. W. Eberhard, 1♀ (dry collection, MZUCR)

Ochterus viridifrons (Champion, 1901) (Fig. 1)

COSTA RICA. Guanacaste, Bagaces, Llanos de Cortés Waterfalls, [10°31'28.84"N; 85°17'54.70"W, 85 m.a.s.l.] XII.2012. Col. Herrera & M. González, 2♂, 1♀, 3 nymphs (wet collection, MZUCR). Limón: Pocora Sur, Argentina, Río Dos Novillos, 400 m.a.s.l., 20.VI.2009. Col. Herrera, 1♀ (dry collection, MZUCR)

Ochterus manni (Hungerford, 1927) (Fig. 1-2)

COSTA RICA. Heredia, La Virgen de Sarapiquí, La Tirimbina Biological Reserve, Tirimbina river, 250 m NE of the Secondary Station, [10°24'9.76"N; 84°06'23.62"W, 197 m.a.s.l.] VII.2012. Col. Herrera, 3♂, 2♀ (MZUCR). San José, San Pedro, 1200 m.a.s.l., 12.VII.2006. Col. A. Rojas, 1♀ (dry collection, MZUCR).

The female specimen at hand, has one hemelytron missing except for the clavus, is definitely a representative of the genus Ocyochterus, but if males from the same region are found and show different shape of genitalia, it might indicate the existence of a second species of the genus. This finding expands the range of the genus outside Ecuador where it was considered as endemic.


Thanks to and MZUCR for their support; to the Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (SINAC) for the collecting permits and to La Tirimbina Biological Reserve for allowing collection; to Humberto Lezama (Museum of Insects of the University of Costa Rica); to Paul Hanson and Monika Springer (MZUCR) for their support and for allowing access to the collections; to Mónica González (State Distance Education University) for the help during field trips and to Fabio Cianferoni (Natural History Museum of the University of Florence, Italy) for facilitating literature.


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