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Revista Colombiana de Gastroenterologia

Print version ISSN 0120-9957

Rev Col Gastroenterol vol.27 no.2 Bogotá Apr./June 2012


The value of a transition

John Ospina Nieto, MD. (1)

(1) Gastrointestinal surgeon and Digestive Endoscopist. Clínica Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.

Received: 19-06-12 Accepted: 25-06-12

Dear colleagues, friends and readers:

All of you are aware of the change in Editors that has happened at your magazine. I have received many emails and words of greeting, respect and admiration for the work done, and for all of this, once again, my sincere thanks. Also, and of course, I have received many irrelevant questions and speculations that erode and distract from the joint effort with which we are all concerned: the magazine. In this regard, let me say simply that the value of a transition is that it contains the possibility of recognizing a change of management as a strength, and that's exactly what I've decided to always think about the magazine. I would remind you that although change is usually imposed by the environment, many institutions deliberately provoke change internally because it serves to reinforce them, to better control their activity and their future. In these cases, change is provoked to better project a well understood future: the decision to change is the result of an internally initiated process of reflection. So on the basis of these considerations I note that - in essence - this transition in our magazine is the result of our will and desire to strengthen the academic development and vision of our magazine. Believe me, because of the importance of the office it's not easy making such decisions, but those who know me know that I always put principles and social responsibility first rather than personal gain, and this case is no exception.

I have had the honor of being the editor of this academic body, with an editorial board and editorial assistant of whom I am proud. I was pleasantly surprised by my editorial assistant's ability to work, intellectual and mental clarity, but especially by his people skills, qualities not valued today. But I have also had the honor to pass on my responsibility as editor to Dr. Jaime Alvarado, a professor who is so well recognized that it would be an offense to introduce him since we all know who he is, and how he worked tirelessly for this country's gastroenterology.

As in my first editorial, in my farewell letter I still believe that the past is prologue, but unlike that moment I think that now the real story has begun. The changes proposed, and thankfully accepted by the Committee, the Board, and above all by all of you, are already being put in place. The quality of the editorial process and the continuous pursuit of excellence as the warhorse of our editorial board as mentioned in the first editorial have now been endorsed adding to the titanic steps of our predecessors and paying tribute to their invaluable management.

I thank Dr. Alvarado for his invitation to construct this editorial together, and also appreciate his invitation to continue on the Editorial Board of the journal.

As I wrote my farewell letter, I want to thank all of our partners, readers and the industry for their assistance, unconditional support and work during this time of the most active and proactive stage of re-engineering our magazine. This period has not ended, and in fact is now being strengthened. It is a pleasure to take my leave from this honorable position by saying that from among the project developed with my team we have made some great achievements. Among them I would like to highlight the following:

1. Amendment of the rules for publication and implementation of the checklist facilitating evaluation of work by peer reviewers and especially facilitating the performance of the authors' work.

2. Establishment and systematization of a new editorial process that will allow an ongoing search for quality in our magazine guided by a detailed diagnosis of real needs.

3. Evaluation and implementation of two supplements: a reprint of the consensus on inflammatory bowel disease and initiation of the editorial process for a document on gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) as a supplement for the second half of the year.

4. Initiation of development of the WEB page of our magazine which will be the cornerstone of our visibility on the WEB and the first step to accessing PubMed and Medline.

5. The publication of No. 1 of Volume 27 which you all have had the chance to read, and the initial structuring of the second number.

6. Linking the pediatric gastroenterologists actively to our magazine through the direct participation of Dr. Jose Fernando Vera on our Editorial Board and by opening our magazine to the work of the Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterologists which will be published initially as a summary on our website.

Other important projects have been left in the inkwell, but they undoubtedly will be achieved along with the goals proposed by Dr. Alvarado. They will, I repeat, as long as he has the ongoing support and collaboration of all our partners and all of the readers of our magazine.

I end by noting that re-indexing of our magazine with Colciencias in Category A2 is now a fact. This is an achievement no doubt of the Editorial Boards who have remained faithful to the idea of ​​this magazine as the best body for continuing education of our profession.

Cordial greetings

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