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Ciencia en desarrollo, journal published biannual by the Center of Research and Extension of Faculty of Sciences of Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (UPTC), seeks to contribute to diffusion of new scientific knowledge and technological developments that occur in the field of basic sciences. It is aimed to students, professors and researches in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, as a result of the investigative processes that carry out professors and students.

The journal accepts documents in Spanish, English or Portuguese, of experimental theoretical or informative character, set for integration and classification of Colombian science and technology journals in the National Bibliographic Index (Publindex) of COLCIENCIAS:

Original articles of scientific research and technological development: document that details the original results of an investigation. Structurally formed by the following sections: introduction, methodology, results and discussion, conclusions and references.


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The articles published in Revista Ciencia en Desarrollo are indexed or summarized by:

  • • National Index of Publications Serials, Scientifc and Technological of Colciencias - PUBLINDEX



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The publication of this journal is financially supported by:

  • Financied for Faculty of Basic Sciencies of the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia.

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