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ICP Direction Team

  • Andrés Eduardo Mantilla Zárate - Director
  • Andrés Reyes Harker - Innovation and Technology Center for Exploration and Production
  • Gonzalo Leal Díaz - Innovation and Technology Center for Transport y Transverse
  • Luis Javier Hoyos Marín - Innovation and Technology Center for Refining and Petrochemicals




Editorial Board

  • David de Jesús Pérez Martínez, Chemical Engineer, Ph. D.
  • Diego Luis Gil Agudelo, Marine Biologist, Ph. D.
  • Elena Losik, Chemical Engineer, M. Sc.
  • Eliseo Tesón del Hoyo, Geologist, Ph. D.
  • Francisco Cala Calderón, Electronic Engineer, Spe.
  • Gloria Isabel Duarte Poveda, Metallurgical Engineer, Ph. D.
  • Javier Durán Serrano, Petroleum Engineer, M. Sc.
  • José Humberto Cantillo Silva, Petroleum Engineer, M. Sc.
  • Juan Esteban Torres Macias, Chemical Engineer, M. Sc.
  • Laura Milena Corredor Rojas, Chemical Engineer, M. Eng.
  • William Mauricio Agudelo Zambrano, Geophysicist, Ph. D.
  • William Villamizar Suárez, Chemist, Ph. D.
  • Wilson Antonio Cañas Marín, Chemical Engineer, M. Sc.
  • Yustina Rodríguez Toledo, Chemist, Ph. D.


International Scientific Committee

  • Gabriel Pérez, BP (USA)
  • Herman Jaramillo, Halliburton (USA)
  • Márcio Rebouças, Braskem S.A. (Brasil)
  • Mohammad Nahid Siddiqui, KFUPM (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mustafa Onur, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)
  • Peter M. Sadler, University of California (USA)
  • Roberto Aguilera, University of Calgary (Canada)

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