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  • Marietta Bucheli DBA, (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia)


Editorial committee

This committee is responsible for planning the editorial policy, selecting the articles to be published in each issue and supporting the coordination of the magazine.

  • Ricardo Dávila L. De G. MsC (Colombia)
  • Marietta Bucheli DBA (Colombia)
  • Janeth Patricia Muñoz Eraso, MsC (Colombia)
  • Juan Camilo Cárdenas PhD (Colombia)
  • Roberto Escalante PhD (Mexico)
  • Cristobal Kay PhD (Holland)
  • Philippe Bonnal PhD (France)
  • Luis Llambí PhD (Venezuela)
  • Jaime Forero PhD (Colombia)
  • Renato Maluf Phd (Brasil)
  • Jean Christian Tulet Phd (Francia)
  • Edelmira Pérez Correa
  • Mónica Isabel Bendini
  • Carlos Gómez Bahillo


Editorial production

  • Department of Rural and Regional Development's Director: Ricardo Dávila L. de G.
  • Editorial coordination: Janeth Patricia Muñoz
  • EditorialAssistant: Alejandra Hurtado

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