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Scope and policy

General requirements:

1. The papers must be unpublished, related to the rural sector, and cannot be sent to other publishers simultaneously. The articles can be of the following nature:

  • Research: It submits original results from research projects and must include four parts: introduction, methodology, results, and conclusions.
  • Reflection: It submits research results from the author's analytical, interpretative or critical point of view, based on original sources.
  • Research Review or Synthesis: It analyzes, systematizes, and incorporates the results of research about the rural sector, published or unpublished, with the purpose of reporting on development progress and trends. In order to fulfill Colciencias's requirements, the paper must contain a bibliographic review of no less than 50 references.
  • Case Report: This is a document presenting the results from a particular situation study in order to disclose technical and methodological experiences related to a specific case. It includes a systematic review of the literature on similar cases with comments.
  • Topic Review: This document is the result of a critical review on a particular topic.
  • Letters to the Editor: These are critical, analytical, or interpretive opinions about documents published in the journal which the Editorial Committee considers an important contribution from the appropriate scientific community to the discussion on the topic.
  • Editorial: This is a document written by the editor, a member of the Editorial Committee, or a guest researcher about trends related to the journal's topic domain.
  • Translation: These are translations of classic or current texts, or transcriptions of historical documents or documents of particular interest for the journal's topic domain.
  • Reflective Document: not deriving from research.
  • Bibliographical Review.

2. Documents of journalistic nature or general comments on any topic are not accepted.

3. The authors must grant rights to Cuadernos de Desarrollo Rural for their articles to be divulged in other media.

4. The Editorial Committee carries out the evaluation procedure of the accepted documents using the double-blind method. Every document is evaluated by a member of the International Arbitration Committee and by a professor-researcher with experience in the topic.

5. Documents are accepted all year round. The deadlines for the editing procedure are: February 28 for the year's first semester issue and July 30 for the year's second semester issue.

6. Articles in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese are accepted.

For more information please review the guidelines for the reception or articles in Spanish:


Sending of manuscripts

Address and contact for Submission of Manuscripts:

The submission of manuscripts can be by e-mail to:

The submission by traditional mail should be enclosed: an impression in laser, accompanied by a CD, specifying the name of the author and the name of the file.
Address for Submission:

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