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Scope and policy


The journal seeks to publish the results of both national and international research centers. It considers unpublished papers related to economic and social issues of economic development, as well as contributions to theoretical, applied economics and quantitative methods giving special attention to studies about the Colombian and Latin American reality. The journal is aimed at economists, researchers and professionals in other related areas to the economic and social sciences domains. At present, one edition per year of the journal is defined with a thematic approach in order to develop relevant topics in an economic field, the other edition stays with a general approach.


Article's selection process


The articles submitted to Desarrollo y Sociedad are firstly reviewed by the Editor, whom with standards of academic quality and originality decides on whether the articles can continue the process or not. Those articles that are accepted by the editor are sent to two anonymous referees (national or foreign) who within 6 weeks should send their review comments back to the journal. The review comments will be known by the author(s). The editorial committee will let the author(s) know the final editorial decision whether their article will or will not be published by Desarrollo y Sociedad.


Form and preparation of manuscripts


1. The Manuscript

The articles have to be written using Arial 12, space and a half, with a maximum length of 50 pages including annexes, charts, graphs and references. All the pages should be consecutively numbered. Titles and subtitles have to be short.

2. Title and Acknowledgments

The first page of the article has to contain the title, the name(s) of the Author(s), the institution to which they belong to and their contact information. The information that identifies the author(s) and their acknowledgments should be presented on the foot note of the first page using (*) as the corresponding marker and not the usual consecutive foot note number notation.

3. Abstract

The first page the article must include: an abstract of the article, the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification, and a maximum of five keywords. It is mandatory that all of this information be in both English and Spanish. Each abstract has to be analytical with a maximum length of 150 words; it cannot contain equations or references.

For further assistance on JEL classification please go to subject_descriptors.html.

4. Abreviations

Spell out term at first mention in article text, with the acronym following in parentheses. Use acronym alone thereafter.

5. Foot Notes

The foot notes should be use only for the purpose of explicative reasons and they should be numbered consecutively. They will not contain graphics or equations .

6. Mathematical Notation

The mathematical equations or formulas have to be aligned to the center of the page and they have to be consecutively numbered on the right side with the Arabic number between parentheses.

7. Tables, graphs, photos and illustrations

Tables, graphs charts, photos and illustrations will follow Arabic numerals and will have short titles. When an article is submitted it is necessary that the charts graphs and tables be sent on another archive in their original format. If the article comes with photos, these have to be sent in separated archive .tiff or .eps, 300 ppi minimum and the size with which they want to be published. Tables, graphs charts, photos and illustrations can be located within the article or by the end of it in the annex. When mentioned in the article the location of the chart graph or table should be spell out.

8. References and Quotations

When an author is quoted within the text of the article, the style of reference should be as follows: Last name (year) when the author's last name is part of the narrative (e.g. Robinson (2005)); (Last name, year) when the author's last name it is not part of the narrative. (e.g. (Robinson, 2005)) When there's more than one author Last Name et al. (year) has to be used. If there's more than one article per author, the alphabetical order notation should be used.

The article's references have to be listed alphabetically at the end. All the quotes of the article should appear in the references and all the references have to be quoted in the text. The scheme to follow is:

•  For articles: LAST NAME, first name, (year) "title", name of the journal, volume, first-last page number.

•  For book chapters: LAST NAME, first name, (year) "title of the chapter" first and last name of the editor, Title of the book (pages of the chapter), city of publication and editorial.

•  For books: LAST NAME, first name, (year) Title of the book , city of publication and editorial.

9. Copyright: Each author and co-author will be sent a copyright transfer agreement. A paper for which there is no signed copyright transfer agreement will not be published.

10. Sketches and complementary copies

If an article is approved to be published, a sketch of the final version of the article will be sent to the authors for its last correction of style and approval. When the journal starts circulating each author or co-author will receive via email a magnetic version of their article and by mail service they will receive two courtesy copies of the journal itself where their article is published.


Sending of manuscripts


The authors who wish to submit their work to Desarrollo Y Sociedad have to send their article on Word format to When an article is sent to Desarrollo y Sociedad for its possible publication, it is understood that the same article is not being considered by another journal.

The responsibility of the ideas and/or thoughts expressed in the articles relies solely on the authors.


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