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To subscribe or get any of the volumes of Íkala please:

Select the volumes that you want to get and deposit the total amount of your order in the name of Universidad de Antioquia, Escuela de Idiomas, Centro de Costo 8817 in one of the following accounts:

 BANCOLOMBIA   Savings account 10537229522

BANCO POPULAR   Checking account 180-01077-9

The international subscriptions or purchases can also be made by check in the name of the Universidad de Antioquia and send it, with all the information required in the subscription coupon, to the invoice and dispatch.  

Complete and send the following form:

Last Name:
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Volumes and issues that you want to subscribe:
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Send the receipt of the deposit by fax to the number + 57 4 2105781, or by mail to the address of Íkala:
Universidad de Antioquia
Escuela de Idiomas
Íkala, revista de lenguaje y cultura
Cl 67 53-108, Ciudad Universitaria, Bloque 11, Oficina 11-202
A.A. 1226  Medellín-Colombia 


Once received your application form and the receipt, Íkala would send the requested volumes to the address that you had indicated.

All subscriptions and changes of address should be sent to the address below.

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