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Scope and policy

Psicología desde el Caribe is published by the Humanities and Social Science Division and the Psychology Program of the Universidad del Norte. The journal is published each four months for the purpose of disseminating the academic research being conducted in the university's Psychology Program, as well as research from other domestic and international institutions. The publication is directed towards students and professionals in the field of psychology.

The documents submitted for publication in the journal Psicología desde el Caribe (Psychology from the Caribbean) must fall into one of the following three categories of scientific articles:
a. Research report.
b. Reflective essays based on results from research.
c. Papers on theoretical matters, with at least fifty (50) sources.

The Board of Editors shall review each article in order to decide whether or not it should be published in the journal. In certain cases, the Board may accept the article with some modifications or it may offer suggestions as to improving the article for resubmission.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The scientific articles should be at least twenty (20) pages in length, excluding bibliographic references.

The style of the scientific article should follow APA rules, either the fifth English edition or the second Spanish edition.

If the article includes tables, charts or graphs, the original documents containing these materials must be attached.

The article should include a brief biographical summary of the researcher(s) containing: profession, degrees, current occupation and an e-mail address. Furthermore, a summary of the research projects performed by the author(s) over the past two years must be attached.

The submission should include a summary, both in English and Spanish, of the article. The summary should include objectives, method and the results of the research and should be no longer than 140 words.  

The articles should be sent to the editor three months in advance. The authors will be notified of their articles' acceptance for publication.

The opinions expressed in the articles published in this journal are the sole responsibility of the authors.

Authors must complete and submit an assignment of rights form and an article submission form.


Sending of manuscripts

Articles should be electronically submitted in Word (.doc) format to the Editor of the journal Psicología desde el Caribe. The e-mail address is

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