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Basic Information

The Engineering Magazine is a bi-annual publication of the Engineering Faculty of the Universidad de los Andes in which the most outstanding research brought forward by researchers and docents will be presented to the community as well as new technical proposals and documented revisions on current topics in the different fields of engineering.

Each issue of the magazine will have three main sections: The Technical Section , which includes articles on diverse engineering topics; the Dossier which will be focused on articles based on specific proposals made by the editorial and scientific committees; and the A Look Back Section in which milestones which have taken place at the Universidad de los Andes are presented.

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  • The National Catalog of serialized, scientific and technological publications of Colciencias. PUBLINDEX Category B.

  • The Regional System of On-line Information for Scientific Magazines of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. LATINDEX.
  • Catalog of Latin American Scientific Magazines PERIÓDICA (UNAM).
  • International Catalog of Science and Technology ACTUALIDAD IBEROAMERICANA.
  • Academic Report, Gale Cengage Learning.
  • Database 'Fuente Académica' of EBSCO Information Services
  • Oceanet (Editorial Océano)


The partial or total reproduction of the magazine is permitted for educational purposes on the condition that the source is cited. For copies for other purposes the authorization of the Engineering Magazine is necessary.


The publication of this journal is financially supported by: 

  • Engineering Faculty, Universidad de los Andes.
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