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Subscriptions fees


    In Colombia
  1. One-year subscription $60.000 (Two issues)
  2. Two-year subscription $120.000 (Four issues)
  3. Three-year subscription $170.000 (Six issues)
  1. One-year subscription 60 dollars (Two issues)
  2. Two-year subscription 120 dollars (Four issues)
  3. Three-year subscription 170 dollars (Six issues)

Unit Price 2011: In Colombia $30.000 - Abroad 30 dollars

In Colombia: Deposit the subscription fee at Banco Davivienda
payable to Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,
in the savings account # 0051-70189897, using the deposit form (formato de
consignación) "Convenios Empresariales", Reference 1: 2430002000,
Reference 2: Subscriber's ID Card Number.
Abroad: Deposit the subscription fee at Citibank, N.Y. / International Personal Banking
666 5th Avenue, 7th Floor, N.Y, NY 10103, USA
Telephone number: (In the US 800 568 8555) - Abroad (813 604 3000),
ABA: 0210 00089 Swift Code: CITIUS33 Br. 465 - Account: 51166828
Payable to: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
In order to legalize the subscription fee payment, it is necessary to send both the
ORIGINAL COPY of the subscription fee deposit form and the subscription form
to the following address:
Carrera 5 # 39-00, Edif. Pedro Arrupe 4° floor - Oficina de Publicaciones
Or send both documents to the PO Box 54953 - Bogotá, D.C., Colombia.
Or send scanned images of both documents in .PDF file(s) to:

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Exchange policies

Theologica Xaveriana journal has as diffusion and visualization policy the establishment of exchanges with analogous periodic publications, from the editorial and scientific perspective, with similar institutions in other continents. These exchanges are oriented towards the broadening of the bibliographical heritage of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana's Library, thus fostering teaching and researching processes.

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