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The COLOMBIAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY is the official vehicle of communication of the Colombian Association of Surgery (previously the Colombian Surgical Society). It began circulating in May 1986 under the title of CIRUGIA, bringing to fruition one of the goals set forth in the by-laws of the Colombian Surgical Society, namely: “To have a periodic scientific publication designed to disseminate experiences and research, especially in the surgical area, with priority for those developed by the Colombian Surgical Society”.

Since that time, it has circulated, uninterruptedly, every quarter, with original papers on topics of general surgery and other topics of interest for the entire medical profession, including humanistic, social and economic subjects and others related to medical education.

As doctor Joaquín Silva, Editor Emeritus, wrote in the Tenth Anniversary Issue of the Journal in March 1996, “the content of Cirugía has been characterized by the diversity and originality of medical and surgical topics discussed from different scientific, technical, research, analytical, teaching, ethical, language, cultural, artistic professional, informative, administrative and social approaches. Contributors have ranged from outstanding national and international professors to medical students under teacher supervision, as a result of the open nature of this forum, intent on encouraging research and exchange of knowledge regarding local and foreign pathologies and therapies, as well as information on major subjects in the areas of science, technology and humanities, without neglecting subjects of domestic and universal general interest”
The Colombian Journal of Surgery runs 750 copies and it is widely distributed to national and international scientific societies, clinics, hospitals, universities, libraries of the national information system, pharmaceutical laboratories, subscribers, surgeons and active members of the society.

The abbreviated title, required for use in references, footnotes, bibliographies and bibliographic notes is Rev. Colomb. Cir.


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All texts included in the Colombian Journal of Surgery are protected by copyright. The law prohibits reproduction through any means, mechanical or electronic, without express written approval from the Editor. The opinions expressed in the signed articles are the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the directors or editors of the Colombian Journal of Surgery. Suggestions pertaining to diagnoses or therapies, including choice of products, dosing and modes of use reflect the authors’ own experiences and judgements.



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