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José Félix Patiño, MD, FACS (Hon), MACC (Hon), Bogotá, Colombia
Honorary Professor, National University of Colombia
Incumbent Professor, Andes University

Deputy editor

Mónica Bejarano, MD, MSc, MACC, Cali, Colombia
Educational Chair of General Surgery, Universidad Libre, Cali Campus

Editorial Committee

Carrasquilla Gabriel, MD, PhD (Bogotá)
Dennis Rodolfo, MD, PhD (Bogotá)
Duperly John, MD, PhD (Bogotá)
Emura Fabián, MD, PhD (Bogotá)
Méndez Fabián, MD, MSc, PhD (Cali)
Moncayo Álvaro, MD, MPH (Bogotá)
Pradilla Gustavo, MD, MSc (Bucaramanga)
Restrepo Ángela, MD, PhD (Medellín)
Rosselli Diego, MD, MEd (Bogotá)
Sanabria Álvaro, MD, MSc, PhD (Bogotá)
Valbuena Gustavo, MD, PhD (Houston)

Scientific Committee

Asencio Juan, MD (EUA)
Braghetto Italo, MD (Chile)
Cervantes Jorge, MD (México)
Csendes Attila, MD (Chile)
Escallón Jaime, MD (Canadá)
Moreno Enrique, MD (España)
Pellegrini Carlos, MD (EUA)
Petrone Patrizio, MD (EUA)
Rodríguez Aurelio, MD (EUA)
Rodríguez Bigas Miguel, MD (EUA)
Rossi Ricardo, MD (Chile)

Copy editor

Carlos Arturo Hernández, BA, MD, M.P.H., Bogotá, Colombia


Asistente Editorial: Beatríz Muñoz

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