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Scope and policy

1. The Revista Colombiana de Cirugía is the official publication of the Asociación Colombiana de Cirugía. It publishes quarterly original collaborations on topics regarding general surgery and general interest topics for the medical profession, including those of a humanistic, socioeconomic and medical education character.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

2. The Revista Colombiana de Cirugía mainly publishes original articles. We accept case repots only when they deal with an unusual disease, a novel or original procedure or an entity with atypical presentation, of great interest to the scientific community, provided that is it accompanied by an extensive literature review (at least 30 references.)


Sending of manuscripts

3. The Editorial Committee may consider manuscripts sent as editorials, about current topics or as pertinent commentary about special relevance articles; additionally, we accept contributions to the letters to the editor section, in the form of short comments about previously published papers or current interest topics.

4. All collaborations will be sent confidentially to two external peer reviewers, who act as referees to submit a concept about the quality of the paper and make pertinent observations or recommendations for publishing. In case of discrepancy, we will select a third reviewer.

5. All texts included in the Revista Colombiana de Cirugía are copyright protected. According to the law, reproduction on any kind of media, mechanic or electronic, without written permission from the editor, is prohibited.

6. The opinions expressed in the signed articles are the authors’ own and do not necessarily coincide with those of the directors or editors of the Revista Colombiana de Cirugía. Diagnostic or therapeutic suggestions, such as product choice, dosage and directions, correspond to the experience and criteria of the authors. The Revista Colombiana de Cirugía assumes no responsibility for the ideas presented by the authors, who are the only responsible parties.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

7.    The papers submitted to evaluation by the Editorial Committee must be unpublished and supplied exclusively to the Revista Colombiana de Cirugía, by e-mail to

8.    Every paper must be accompanied by a letter from the main author that includes:

    a)    A declaration stating that the article has been read and approved by all coauthors. All the people that appear as authors must comply with certain requisites and must have participated enough to assume public responsibility for the contents of the paper, in accordance wth COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) practices available at  Therefore, the participation of each of the authors must be specified.

    b)    A certification stating that the manuscript corresponds to a previously unpublished study and that it will not be presented to another journal before knowing the decision of the Editorial Committee of the Revista Colombiana de Cirugía.

    c)    Information about previous or duplicate publication, totally or partially, with their respective permissions in writing to reproduce already published materials, such as illustrations, figures, tables, etc., taken from this or other sources.

    d)    A declaration of conflicts of interest, specifying the origin of the support received in the form of subventions, equipment or drugs from commercial entities, if there were any. The format may be found on the website of the Asociación Colombiana de Cirugía,

    e)     Transference of the publication and reproduction rights, if it is accepted by the Revista Colombiana de Cirugía.

    f)      If the paper involves human experiments, it must indicate that the rules of the committee in charge of supervising the studies with human beings and the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, modified in 2013, were observed. In all original articles, the observation of the Resolution 008430 of 1993 of the Ministerio de Salud and the approval of the institutional ethics committee must be made explicit.

    g)     Name, postal and electronic address, telephone number of the author responsible for communication with the other authors, for revisions.

9.    Manuscripts in Spanish, English or Portuguese are accepted.

10.   The papers must be elaborated using the rules of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) included in the uniform requirements for manuscripts sent to biomedical journals (Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals), available at the Web address The abbreviations of the names of the journals must be cited as they appear in the Index Medicus.

11.   The manuscripts must adjust to the grammar rules in Spanish and to correct technical and scientific terms. Only standard and internationally recognized abbreviations must be used, avoiding their use in the title and the abstract. The full term for which an abbreviation is established, must precede its first appearance in the text, unless it is a standard measurement unit. The units of the international system of units for weights and measurements must be used for any number that appears in the manuscript.

12. We recommend the authors submit their papers to a professional copy editor before sending them for publication in the Revista Colombiana de Cirugía. For articles in English, an approval certification must be annexed, for example, from the American Journal Experts ( or a similar institution.

13. A copy of all sent material must be kept, due to the fact that the journal may keep all received material.

Sending of manuscripts

14.   The extension of the manuscripts, except review articles, must not exceed 20 pages. We recommend using the Microsoft Office Word program preferably for text and tables. All the manuscript has to be written using the Arial font size 12, double spaced and aligned to the left, with 2.5 cm top and bottom margins and 3 cm left and right margins. The pages must be numbered at the top right corner.

15.   The manuscript must be divided in the following sections.

    a) Cover sheet. It includes the title of the manuscript, short and concise; a short title (50 characters maximum), full name and first last name of the authors (without using the initials of the second last name), followed by their position at the institution where the paper was done (do not use abbreviations of the name of the institution), city and country. At the bottom part of the page, the name, postal and electronic address, and the phone number of the corresponding author must be included.

    b)     Analytical abstract. In original papers, the abstract must be structured according to the following sections: introduction, material and methods, results and discussion. It must not exceed 250 words, use abbreviations or references. It must include an abstract in English and a list of keywords (between three and six, in Spanish and English) that must adjust to those that appear in the descriptor terminology thesaurus for health sciences (DeCS) ( and the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in English ( MBrowser.html), which may also be consulted on The Revista Colombiana de Cirugía reserves the right to modify the English abstract elaborated by the author.

    c)      The manuscript must be divided in the following sections: introduction, material and methods, results, and discussion.

    d)     Figures must be numbered consecutively according to the order of appearance in the text. They must be presented in separate pages, each with its corresponding short title, in JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) or TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format. The ideal resolution is 300 dpi for color images and 600 dpi for black and white images. The author must keep copies of all the material sent.

    e)     We also accept videos accompanying the articles, which will be published on the web page of the Asociación Colombiana de Cirugía. Taking into account that the photographs and videos are a vital part of the clinical history and that it is a private document subject to confidentiality, a copy of the informed consent signed by the patient authorizing publication must be attached (Resolution 1995 of 1999, Law 1581 of 2012, Decree 1377 of 2013).

16.   Bibliographic references are numbered according to the order of appearance in the text and with their number in parentheses. The way to cite the references must comply with the Vancouver system, which state that the first six authors must be cited before the abbreviation et al. Below are some examples:

    a)     Articles in journal in English or other languages different from Spanish, according to this example: Turner RR, Giuliano AE, Hoon DSB, Glass EC, Krasne DL. Pathological examination of sentinel lymph node for breast carcinoma. World J Surg. 2001;25:798-805.

    b)     Articles in Spanish, according to this example: Domínguez AM, Vanegas S, Camacho F, Quintero G, Patiño JF, Escallón J. Programa de seguimiento de la infección quirúrgica y el sitio operatorio, Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, 1989-1999. Rev Colomb Cir. 2001;16:44-57.

    c)      Chapters in books: Kurzer A, Agudelo G. Trauma de cabeza y cuello, facial y de tejidos blandos. En: Olarte F, Aristizábal H, Restrepo J, editores. Cirugía. Medellín: Universidad de Antioquia; 1983. p. 311-28.

17. For articles that have it, the DOI (Digital Object Identifier), international standard ISO 26324 must be consigned to identify digital scientific articles.

18.   The bibliographic references must include articles of Colombian, or otherwise, Latin American authors, for which databases like Publindex of Colciencias for Colombian literature, LILACS and SciELO of BIREME, and IMBIOMED for Latin American and Caribbean literature may be consulted. The exclusion of Colombian and Latin American authors may constitute a reason for rejection of the manuscript by the Editorial Committee of the Revista Colombiana de Cirugía.

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